The best Movistar+ series in 2024

Movistar+, in addition to having the best movies, has a very extensive catalog of series, which makes it one of the richest streaming platforms in terms of audiovisual content.

In addition to constantly adding seasons of some of the most successful series of recent years, which you will also find on platforms such as Filmin, Movistar+ stands out for its own content offering. Some of the most talked-about Spanish series are part of the operator's catalogue. Pay attention to these recommendations:

Recommended series on Movistar + in 2024

Don't miss these series on Movistar Plus, if you are looking for quality entertainment by episodes on a streaming platform:

-The Messiah

Directed by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, it is a disturbing series that tells the story of a family that keeps its daughters “kidnapped” under a toxic religious cloak. One of the best series on the platform without a doubt, with excellent performances by Lola Dueñas, Carmen Machi and even the singer Amaya, among others.

-Madrid burns

Directed by Paco León and shot in black and white, it tells of Ava Gardner's visits to Madrid and what the entertainment scene was like in the 70s in the capital.


Interpretive recital by Sean Bean and Stephen Graham in a prison drama of only three episodes that pits a prisoner against a prison officer.


Spanish miniseries of 8 chapters that adapts the homonymous novel by Valencian Rafael Chirbes, starring Pepe Sancho and Alicia Borrachero, is a faithful portrait of the political and urban corruption of the Levantine coast. Considered one of the highest quality Spanish series.

“Young Sheldon”

Prequel/spin off from “Big Bang Theory” this time with the protagonist being the child version of the popular Sheldon Cooper, in this case a 9-year-old child prodigy who already points out the ways everyone knows. Six seasons.


Although it does not adapt or continue the plot of the Coen brothers' film of the same name, this series is inspired by the tone and background of the feature film. Each season works as an autonomous miniseries, although with some connection point or intertextual nods, with an independent plot and characters. Five seasons.

-«Happy Valley»

Catherine, a police sergeant in a (seemingly) quiet rural Yorkshire valley, in addition to pursuing crime in her (seemingly) peaceful area in a very personal way, also has to cope with a complicated personal life while caring for her orphaned grandson. Three seasons.

-«Line of duty»

Tension in each episode of the six seasons of this British series about the cases of an anti-terrorist unit where police corruption must also be fought.

-“Look what you have done”

Fatherhood from the perspective of Berto Romero, combining a naturalistic look with his particular sense of humor. Three seasons.


A military nurse from the 1940s travels back in time to 1743 where she will be forced to marry a Scottish warrior, experiencing a risky love triangle in this series that mixes adventure with romance. Six seasons.


The viewer is used to a series (or a movie) causing laughter, fear, sadness, anguish… but this is an occasion in which the title of the series expresses the feeling that prevails when contemplating the events that the character played stars in. by Javier Gutiérrez. He plays comedy with an air of pathos in the face of the embarrassing clumsiness in which he is capable of involving himself and those around him. Three seasons.

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