The best Netflix series in 2022

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After the reviews of the best series that 2021 left us, the time has come to set our sights on the horizon and see what 2022 has in store for us, specifically what will be the most anticipated premieres on Netflix for this coming year. These are the titles you can’t miss:

-“Who is Anna”: Based on a true story published in a New York Times article, about a journalist who investigates Anne, an Instagram celebrity, heiress to a German family and supposed to have made it big in the city. However, no one seems to really know this woman and everything seems to indicate that she might be a con artist.

Date: 11 February.

-“Vikings: Valhalla”: After finishing the last of the six seasons of “Vikings”, we get its spinoff. From Michael Hirst, creator of the original series, the series is set a century after the events of “Vikings” and tells the story of the conquest of England by one of Rollo’s descendants.

Date: February 25

-“Fair “Feria” is Netflix’s first great Spanish series, which tells us the dark story of two teenage sisters who discover that their parents are murderers, with 23 victims behind them. Both will have to face the truth and live with a town that hates them for being who they are.

Date: January 28.

“Stranger Things” (T4) The fourth season of “Stranger Things” is already on its way, after the COVID hiatus. The new season will pick up the events of the third, with its protagonists more grown up, with new problems and with sheriff Jim Hopper missing. This time, we will have to venture beyond Hawkins to find the source of the new evil.

Date: To be determined.

“File 81 Horror series based on a podcast of the same name. The story puts us in the shoes of an archivist who restores damaged videotapes and is drawn into a mystery involving the director of a missing demonic cult.

Date: 14 January.

-“The woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window.” Starring Kristen Bell, this is a black comedy with psychological overtones. Bell plays a heartbroken woman for whom every day is the same. However, when an attractive young man moves in with her daughter across the street, things begin to change.

Date: 28 January.

“The Sandman Series based on the graphic novel of the same name by author Neil Gaiman. It mixes traditional mythology and modern dark fantasy, historical drama with legends. In the series, Morpheus, the King of Sleep will try to repair the mistakes he has made throughout his existence.

Date: undetermined.

“1899” A steamship full of migrants sets sail for the United States. The passengers, a mixture of people from all corners of Europe, travel together in search of freedom and a future. However, the journey will be complicated when they find another ship floating adrift.

Date: undetermined.

“Human Resources This is a spin-off of the animated series “Big Mouth” starring hormone monsters, shame wizards and other beings that help humans travel through life.

Date: undetermined.

“Wednesday Directed by Tim Burton, this comedy centers on the life of the Adams’ daughter Wednesday, now an adult. Wednesday is studying at Nevermore Academy and struggling to master her emerging psychic abilities while investigating a murder spree that has terrorized the town.

Date: undetermined.

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