The best NFT-based games to make money with

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The arrival of the cryptographic technology and non fungible tokens (NFT) have revolutionized the securities and finance market. But not only that, the advent of blockchain and NFT based games like “Axie Infinity” has introduced the concept of “Play To Earn” in the gaming world.

Such games offer non-fungible tokens for completing missions, which can be sold on cryptocurrency exchanges and earn real money with them.

In a nutshell, “Play To Earn” translates to something like “play to earn” and that is that these games allow users to accumulate tokens, either as rewards for completing quests, or for other activities such as grenading or arena fights, which they can later exchange for fiat money.

For those players looking to monetize their hours of play, these are some of the best NFT games you can find:

-“CryptoKitties: This is a simple game, which allows you to buy, breed and sell little cats, called “CryptoKitties”. Each of these little animals is unique, as it is an NFT, created using a blockchain. Each “CryptoKittie” has a unique combination of characteristics such as hair and eye color, ear and tail shape, etc. The app only accepts payments in Ether (ETH), as the cats are sold on this blockchain. The record for the sale of one of these cats is held by “Genesis” who reached a price of 246 ETH, or about 97,214 euros.

-“My DeFi Pet: With a similar dynamic to Pokémon or Axie Infinity, it’s built on Binance Smart Chain and Kardiachain (a blockchain focused on blockchain interoperability). The game is all about breeding unique monsters, making them grow, fighting in battles, and having them reproduce to sell it. The game is powered by the DPET token, which allows you to buy eggs, breed and evolve monsters. The game is still in beta, so not all features are available.

-“Plants vs Undead: Based on Binance’s blockchain is an online multiplayer game, with a dynamic traced to “Plants vs Zombies”. Players can choose between two roles: landowner (which requires a large investment) or gardener (which requires less investment). The former buys and plants seeds, while the latter tends to them and defends them from zombie animal attacks. In the game there are seasons and events that affect the growth of plants. At the end of each season, seeds must be collected again, and it is these that can be put up for sale again, using PVU, the platform’s native token. A seed has an average value of 100 PVU, which means that the investment is about 1400 euros per seed.

-“Gods Unchained”: Unlike the previous ones, this is a collectible card game with a visual style and gameplay dynamics reminiscent of the mythical “Magic: The Gathering”. Each card is an NFT created in Ethereum and whose value is linked to the native token of the game, the GODS. The game is about creating a personal deck, with tactics and powerful card combinations to beat the other players. The cards have different characteristics, some cards are basic, while tokenized cards are unique and have unique abilities. These cards can be bought, sold and created. By winning each game, players receive Flux, with which to upgrade tokenized cards, merge duplicate cards, and create new cards.

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