The best online “print and play” games

There are tons of games on the Internet to spend your free time playing in a fun and free way: from the best FRIV games of 2021 to the best games for your mobile phone. There are all kinds of them – kids to pass the time on public transport, role-playing games, board games … – but you can also buy other interesting games online that don’t need your phone or computer. They are called “printable games” or “print & play”.

With the “Print & Play” games, you can print everything you need for hours of fun

To play printable games, you basically need paper and lots of ink in your printer. You can download these games in PDF or any other format, print them out … and play with your friends for hours without having to buy the box from toy stores or download a program to your mobile phone or computer.

They are games that will allow you to liven up many evenings and evenings with your friends, meetings in the country or in rural houses and many other moments. Here we bring you a selection of the best printable games:

– –Dixit. Players must respond to a proposed situation with a letter. It has to be a drawing that for some reason relates to the card placed in the center of the table. Then it’s a matter of guessing which card the first player placed … or fooling the others that the first card was ours. You can download it here.

Cards against humanity. Family edition. This game is in English but if you have no problem with the language we recommend it as it is one of the most interesting that you can play as a family, even with children. One puts a black card with a phrase on the table and the others have to answer with another letter that tells or suggests something about what is on the table, always in an entertaining way. Then you have to guess who owns each card. You can download it here.

-Dobble. A game of concentration and speed in which you have to pair the cards that are placed on the table. You can download it in its online and free version here.

-Bonhanza. This is a fun game where you have to collect fruits and vegetables to get coins. From here you have access to their instructions, letters, and everything you need to have a fun afternoon.

-Taboo. Surely you have ever played this popular board game. Now you can download dozen of cards to print and try to explain the concept to your friends without mentioning the forbidden words from here.

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