The best online subscription video game platforms

List of the best video game subscription services

The best video game subscription services They are an alternative that allows video game lovers to play practically any title streaming over the Internet and, therefore, on any device without needing to own the best consoles on the market or portable game consoles.

Likewise, the best video game subscription services are an unbeatable option to avoid spending money on purchasing the physical or downloadable version of a title that we don’t know if we will like. Better yet, thanks to this mechanism you don’t even need to take up your local storage, since everything runs in the cloud.

The best online video game subscription services

– Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft subscription service that allows you to play a wide list of Xbox video games, such as the exclusive Forza Horizon and Halo. In addition, the Ultimate level of Xbox Game Pass is the best alternative to play famous video games such as GTA V and Starfield on mobile, like the rest of the titles available.

What is Xbox Game Pass

– EA Play: one of the cheapest on the list and at the same time one of the most complete, since it gives you unlimited access to all the games developed by EA, the company responsible for titles such as EA Sports FC 24 and Dragon Age, to name examples.

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– PlayStation Plus: Regardless of the plan you choose, with PlayStation Plus you can try all the month’s releases on your console. Plus, you can play retro titles via streaming and access other benefits, such as a selection of free games every month.

Sony Services

– Nvidia GeForce Now: In general, it offers all the advantages that other competing services include. However, something that makes Nvidia GeForce Now different is the possibility of streaming the video games that you have installed on your PC.

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– Ubisoft+: Play more than 100 Ubisoft titles, such as the Assassin’s Creed franchise or Splinter Cell, on your computer. Of course, perhaps the initial fee for Ubisoft+ will be a little more expensive than the rest of the services on this list.

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–Humble Choice: is the Humble Bundle streaming service, one of the best places to buy cheap video games. One of the advantages of subscribing is that you can get discounts and keep the games you download on your PC even if you cancel your subscription.

Humble Choice 2023

– Prime Gaming: Included in your Amazon Prime subscription, Prime Gaming gives you access to free PC games and the ability to download exclusive content. It can also be contracted for just under 10 euros per month.

Amazon Games free computer games

– Nintendo Switch Online: includes a very complete library of NES and SNES games. Without a doubt, it is the ideal membership for lovers of retro video games, since with the expansion level of Nintendo Switch Online you can enjoy Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 classics.

Nintendo Online

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