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If there’s anything more fun than playing video games, it’s talking about them.

Whether it’s sharing tricks, sharing longings about upcoming releases or complaining about the features of some title… Part of the experience lies in exchanging comments with other fans. And to make up for the lack of these in the near future, the Internet is full of meeting points for video game lovers.

By genres, consoles, platforms, franchises… the multiplicity of online forums about videogames allows each fan to find different places to converse

Some of them publish reviews and news, others maintain various sections specialized in different platforms, consoles or titles. All of them are very active communities, with numerous members and a lot of activity. In these forums, each user will have plenty of opportunities to find the environment in which best enjoy this aspect of the passion for video games.

The best forums on video games

-Steam: This is the largest online platform for the distribution of video games for PC but it also has a forum where you can have all kinds of conversations, not only about the specifics of the platform itself but also to talk about the titles themselves. Each game has its own specific forum

-GameFAQ: It is one of the oldest, since it started its activity in 1995, at the time of the mythical “Doom”. That’s why its repository of tutorials is immense. Over time, reviews of new titles were added and, of course, a forum with sections for each videogame in its huge database, as well as others related to consoles or genres.

-GameSpot: Another of the veterans of the place (it started operating in 1996) where also news and reviews always had a preponderant role and which also began lustrums ago to offer forums classified by genres, titles and platforms.

-IGN: In addition to the latest news about the most recent releases and the most awaited projects (or sections dedicated to other hobbies such as sports, cinema and comics) it has a large forum base with guides, tutorials and chats about all kinds of video games, genres and consoles.

-Reddit: It is probably, in general, the largest forum on the Internet, and could not miss the section specialized in video games. Following the usual Reddit grammar, in which the subforum is called subreddit and is designated by a letter “r” followed by a slash “/” and the name of that section, users can access the English subreddit (“r/games” and also “r/videogames”) as well as its Spanish versions (“r/juegos” and “r/videojuegos”).

-Nintendo Life: The users of the different consoles of the Japanese brand have their own online meeting platform with forums specialized in the different consoles, characters and titles. There is even a sub-forum where you can talk about games that do not belong to Nintendo. It is the meeting point par excellence for users of “World of Warcraft” and all titles of that genre whose initials stand for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

-Minecraft Forum: The passion for building all kinds of scenarios with the recognizable cubic shapes of Minecraft has originated one of the largest online communities that, unsurprisingly, has its own forum, which is also one of the largest online forums.

The best video game forums in Spain

Along with the previously mentioned forums, there are also local counterparts in Spain, both originating from paper publications and websites:

-Mundogamers: It comes from the videogame magazine of the same name and together with the forums it offers contents such as news, analysis, tricks, demos and trailers of the most recent videogames.

-Meristation: One of the pioneer web pages in Spanish where information of all kinds about videogames is offered and where there are also forums with multiple sections to satisfy fans of all kinds of genres and platforms.

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