The best PC games of 2021

While it’s early days to make a definitive list, the few months we spent in 2021 saw some PC game titles that revolutionized the market. Although you can download the best mobile games to your device, sometimes you want to play on a bigger screen and take advantage of all the technical, graphical and playful possibilities that PCs offer.

These are some of the best PC games of 2021 to enjoy over the vacation.

Over the coming Easter break, we recommend some of the best PC games of 2021 to enjoy in your free time:

– “Valheim”: One of the big surprises was that an impressive 4 million copies were distributed in the first few weeks of launch. In short, it’s a mix of Minecraft and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. A survival and construction game in a Norse mythological setting. It has a very deep crafting system and dynamic and very fun battles in which the environment plays an important role.

-“The medium”: A game eagerly awaited by fans of the most classic “Silent Hill” -style horror. An adventure in which we navigate between the world of the dead and that of the living.

– «Little Nightmares 2»: Second part of one of the funniest adventures in recent times. With a very special aesthetic, similar to the idea of ​​Tim Burton.

– «Cyber ​​Shadow»: A game of robot ninjas with an 8-bit aesthetic. It is a very intense game that is often reminiscent of classic games with its high level of difficulty. The game tests the player’s skills and adaptability. Lots of big and very complicated enemies and bosses.

– “It takes two”: 3D action and narrative game that tells the adventures of the marriage of Cody and May who never stop arguing and thinking about a breakup. She turns her daughter into little dolls and, along with the love lessons she learned from the magic book Dr. Receiving Hakim, they have to overcome different levels with new and different game mechanics.

– “Forza Horizon 4”: Although it was originally an Xbox game, it is also one of the best-selling and most played on PC. Open world driving game that gives us an extensive map of the United Kingdom that we can drive across and search for races, unlock cars, competitions and events.

– «Journey to the Wild Planet»: First person action and adventure game that puts the player in the center of a distant and dangerous planet. There, players will have to fight to survive and decide whether or not it is a planet that humanity can live on.

– «Yaga: Yaga is an RPG where each player’s choice changes the world and the way the characters react. In the role of Ivan, a one-armed warrior cursed with bad luck, we must complete the suicide missions the Tsar sends us, fight a witch who tries to manipulate us and come to terms with our grandmother who insists that we are getting married.

– «Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earth Blood»: Action-adventure based on the popular role-playing game of the same name. The game transforms us into a “Garou”, a werewolf who defies urban civilization and supernatural corruption. So we have to face all possible earthly and supernatural dangers in order to avoid the fateful apocalypse.

– «Nioh 2»: This exclusive PlayStation is finally arriving on the PC. This is a stylish ninja game that is similar to Castlevania or Darksouls. A very complete and addicting game where each fight has many options.

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