The best phrases of Isaac Asimov related to science

We know many phrases of Isaac Asimov, since it was a key figure in the science fiction literature of the twentieth century. However, beyond being a novelist, this Russian-born American was a brilliant scientist and a person with exceptional talent and instinct. In fact, many of his predictions have been true, such as the emergence of online education thanks to the internet.

We recently knew some predictions he made and that, almost entirely, they have ended up being true. However, this chemical engineer and doctor in biochemistry, beyond performing a large number of science fiction works, was also a professor at Boston University.

Awarded with some of the most prestigious science fiction literature awards, such as the Nebula or the Hugo, wrote and predicted in relation to the future and science and technology until the day of his death, in 1992, and from this we now extract some wise phrases from Isaac Asimov about it.

Phrases of Isaac Asimov in relation to science

  • It is worth being obvious, especially if you have a reputation for subtlety
  • The real joy lies in knowledge and not knowledge
  • I doubt that the computer will one day match the intuition and creative capacity of the outstanding talent of the human being
  • Humanity has the stars in the future, and that future is very important to get lost under the weight of youthful folly and ignorant superstition.
  • There is only one light in science and to illuminate it in any place is to illuminate it in all places
  • If knowledge can create problems, we cannot solve them through ignorance
  • Being self-taught is, I am convinced, the only type of education that exists
  • I am not afraid of computers. What I'm afraid of is in the absence of them
  • A subtle misconception can lead to a fruitful inquiry that reads truths of great value
  • The most hopelessly stupid man is the one who ignores his wisdom
  • Science is built from approaches that gradually approach the truth
  • He wondered if anyone could be a great mathematician, if all he knew was mathematics
  • The saddest aspect of life at this precise moment is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.

Now, let's take a few minutes to reflect on what has been learned from the wisdom of the great Isaac Asimov's mind.

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