The best portable modems and 4G wireless routers

You may have a very powerful Internet connection at home, but if you regularly connect outside your home, you will not be able to enjoy it. If this is your case, it may be useful for you to purchase a portable router.

These are compact devices, which have a built-in battery and have a slot for a SIM card. In this way, the SIM will be responsible for transmitting mobile data to the router and it will open a Wi-Fi signal so that you can connect to it anywhere and everywhere.

In addition to providing the Wi-Fi signal, a modem of this type allows you to make some simple and useful configurations, such as limiting the number of devices that can connect, selecting the bandwidth, changing the name of the Wi-Fi network and setting a password for her, etc. As if it were your home modem, but to use it anywhere.

So, if you are looking for a portable router that makes it possible to take your personalized Wi-Fi network everywhere, here you will find the best devices of this class that you can buy today.

Connect to the Internet anywhere with these portable routers

Any of the routers you choose from this list will allow you to create and connect to a Wi-Fi network to surf the Internet using mobile data. Most of these devices have an affordable price.

Netgear Nighthawk M1

This router has the capacity to house several devices without affecting the Internet speed, you can connect your mobile phone, laptop, tablet and more without problems. It has a slot for a SIM card and supports 4G LTE. Likewise, it has an Ethernet port for cases in which you want to establish the wired connection.

As it is a portable device, its dimensions are small, to the point that it can be stored in your pants pocket. In its upper part it incorporates an LCD screen so that you have access to the connection status, amount of data you are consuming and autonomy (up to 24 hours of use). Its price is 350 euros.

fast routerfast router

HUAWEI E5576-320

A practical option because it is unlocked for all networks, which means it will be compatible with any operator's SIM card. It can reach a maximum connection speed of 150 Mbps through 4G, enough to consume content, download files, work online, and even play online games comfortably.

Regarding its design, we can say little, it meets the standard of these routers, it is small, light and resistant, made to carry in your pocket. The autonomy is solid, offering a maximum of six hours of work with more than five devices connected. The cost of the router is 54 euros.

Versatile routerVersatile router

GL.iNet GL-E750

We come to a router that stands out for its security features, this is because it has WireGuard encryption that connects to several open source VPN protocols to guarantee that the Internet connection is secure and private, something that is useful when you are in a public place.

The GL.iNet router can provide 4G LTE mobile data, but it also works as a dual-band Wi-Fi access point (2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz) capable of reaching a maximum speed of 733 Mbps. Despite the power that It has, its autonomy is solid, the battery lasts for eight hours of work. The cost of the product is 159 euros.

fast routerfast router

TP-Link M7000

A next-generation portable router that stands out for its small dimensions and minimalist design, it only has a power button and little else. Its body is made of plastic and has a matte black color that will keep the device free of scratches and dirt.

However, despite how tiny it is, we are looking at a competent router that is compatible with 4G LTE and reaches a maximum browsing speed of 150 Mbps. Likewise, it supports up to ten devices connected to the network and its autonomy is eight hours. . The price of this TP-Link router is 56 euros.

small routersmall router

D-Link DWR-933

It stands out on this list because it works with SIM, mini SIM and nano SIM cards, plus it will work with any operator without limitations. Another key point is that it is capable of reaching a browsing speed of 1.2 Gbps, a number well above the standard for portable routers.

The autonomy is enough for five hours of work with a maximum of 32 devices connected to the 4G network. It also has a WPS button that speeds up the synchronization process with other devices. Its price is 140 euros.

Rugged routerRugged router

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