The best prepaid cards for online shopping [2023]

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If you do not trust when entering your credit card number or your bank details on the Internet to make an online purchase, one of the safest solutions is to make the transaction by paying with a prepaid card.

Prepaid cards allow you to make purchases on the Internet without providing bank details

In this article we are going to give you all the information to encourage you to use a prepaid card to pay on the Internet and we will explain some of the best options currently on the market.

What are prepaid cards to pay on the Internet?

Prepaid cards allow you to make secure purchases on the Internet by recharging only the balance you want to have on them. You recharge it, you pay and when the amount you had entered runs out, you only have to recharge it again. They are easy and fast to use.

Most banks offer their customers prepaid cards for online purchases. If you are interested in one, we advise you to ask your bank if they provide this service.

There are also independent entities that offer their own virtual cards to pay online, such as Correos or Viabuy.

In both cases, prepaid cards to pay on the Internet are usually free and have no maintenance fees or commissions. In any case, it is advisable to confirm this with your bank.

Some banks, in addition to providing these virtual cards, also offer the possibility of having random CVV numbers, which change after each use. This provides an additional security measure for users, as it is the number that is usually requested to confirm the transaction by debit or credit card. In this case, the virtual card number changes and there is less risk of it being compromised.

Best cards for online shopping

As we have already mentioned, there are many different options to get a virtual prepaid card for Internet and it is best to ask your bank about the conditions they offer. If they do not convince you or you want to look at other alternatives, here are some of the best prepaid cards to buy on the Internet that exist in the market today:

– Correos Prepaid Card: Issued by this independent entity, it provides a prepaid Mastercard. It can be requested at any Correos office or through its website on the Internet. It has an issuing cost of 6 euros, but no storage fees.

-Revolut: Revolut has a virtual card, associated with the free opening of your account. In addition to having no commissions, not even on currency exchanges, it has a cashback program that will give you cash back in selected establishments.

-Term Card: Plazo is another independent entity that provides Mastercard debit cards for free to pay online. It needs to be linked to a free online account.

-Viabuy card: It has no commissions -as long as you pay with euros- and its prepaid card has a particularity that makes it interesting for people who may have some kind of debt, as it admits users in the ASNEF lists.

-Virtual BBVA Card: BBVA bank also offers free prepaid cards, with no issuing or maintenance costs, so that you can make your payments through the Internet. However, in this case the minimum recharge you must make is 6 euros.

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