The best preserved ice age animal

They were back in the permafrost of Siberia. They are examples of the best preserved ice age animal. There are two puppies. Two cave lions, no less. They were baptized Sparta and Boris, one female and one male.

This is the best preserved animal from the Ice Age.  A cave lion.
This is the best preserved animal from the Ice Age. A cave lion.

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Both lived in the Ice Age. Their habitat was on the bank of a river in what is now Yakutia, Russia. Both died before they were three months old. They also had a very special quality that set them apart from the cave lions of Europe. You were blonde.

This is what scientists say in their study published in the journal quaternary. Siberian cave lions likely had light gray hair. It was well adapted to the Arctic and was covered with snow for two thirds of the year. What is the cause of the dark coloration of European cave lions? Forests, forest steppes, mountains open to their habitats. The dark coloring helps predators to be less noticeable.

It is the main difference between the Yakut cave lion and the modern African lion. This strong development of the fur in Siberian cats. For the Yakut lion, the main goal was to keep warm. In the African lion, avoid overheating.

Both were found very close to each other.
Both were found very close to each other.
Another time

Sparta and Boris were found in close proximity by the mammoth tusk hunters. But they didn’t have the opportunity to play together. And they lived at different times. Sparta 28,000 years ago, Boris 43,000 years ago.

Scans of the couple were done by Russian and Japanese researchers. They did not provide evidence that they were killed by a predator. However, the scans revealed damage to the skull. Also, rib dislocations and other skeletal problems.

Because of their preservation, they must have been buried very quickly. Maybe they died in a landslide. Or they fell into a crevice in the permafrost. ‘ Researcher Love Dalen said so. He rates Sparta as the best preserved animal from the Ice Age. His teeth, skin, and whiskers were intact. Even the internal organs. These dispersed the lion’s sex, at first it was called Spartak.

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