The best programs for improving video resolution

Programs to improve video resolution

We have all had problems with the video resolution we record with the phone. This is a common occurrence with cell phones because the user usually has no support and smartphone video players are not miracle workers. So a shaky hand, bad lighting or poor quality hardware can ruin the content completely. Fortunately, to solve this drawback, there are programs that boost video quality.

Nowadays, it is indeed possible to improve the quality of videos with some platforms that do a remarkable job in this sector.

So, if video resolution is a problem, technology is here to help anyone. Below, we will give a review of the best programs that serve to optimize the quality of videos, the results obtained mark a before and after.

– InShOt: a cross-platform app that features a video editor and video creator. This means that the user has full control over improving the quality of the content. It also has other tools such as a trimmer, splitter and a merger. It should be noted that it has hundreds of filters, effects, speed controls and a format converter.

– Videoshop: ideal for people who want to create content that is compatible with social networks. Videos can be enhanced by adapting audio effects, incorporating stop motion for short Twitter videos, slideshow and a music library.

– Filmora Video Editor: made for computers because it has all the necessary tools to make a professional optimization of the video resolution. It has stabilization, brightness, contrast, tint and saturation controls. It also offers overlay options, motion graphics and title templates.

– Pinnacle Studio: has what it takes to do an excellent job, it has speed and transition controls, individual frame editing, effects such as picture-in-picture, pan and zoom and a full-featured audio editor. Pinnacle is for working on complex, film-quality projects.

– PowerDirector: one of the best apps for enhancing video resolution from mobile. It offers multi-track timeline editing, an effects editor, blue screen and green screen support with chroma key editing, voiceover tools and lots and lots of effects.

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