The best security protocols to protect your data

Best security protocols of 2023

In today’s day and age, when cybersecurity has become more important than ever, the security protocols based on static passwords have become the most insecure of all.

Easy-to-remember passwords are generally not secure, while strong passwords are difficult to memorize.

Unfair cyber practices such as phishing have rendered password-based security protocols virtually obsolete. That is why nowadays knowing how to choose your Internet security software and employing alternative methods to log in to online applications or services is crucial to prevent data theft.

The vast majority of cyber attacks worldwide are caused by the theft and decryption of passwords. So here are some authentication alternatives that you can use to avoid falling victim to this sophisticated form of theft.

The best alternatives to traditional passwords

– Multifactor authentication: as its name suggests, this is a method in which two or more verification factors are required in order to gain access to an application or service. This type of method may require, in addition to a password, geolocation data, one-time keys and even fingerprint recognition.

– Verification through social networks: this is an alternative that allows you to log in to web pages or applications without having to set up passwords that you may later forget or that are easily decodable. In addition, logging in with your Facebook or Twitter account is much faster than creating profiles on each website you visit.

– Biometric recognition: this method uses your unique biometric traits, which is why it can be considered one of the most secure verification protocols. From your biometric authentication-enabled device you can set up facial recognition, fingerprint or voice recognition.

– Single-use codes: also known as dynamic passwords, this method is very useful for not having to memorize a password. As the name suggests, a one-time password will serve for a single login without the need to change your username.

– Physical security key: allows the indicated user to access the correct information by using a physical device, either via USB or Bluetooth connection. This device generates a key when connected to your computer, so that you can access your accounts securely.

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