The best SEGA emulators for computers

SEGA emulators provide gamers around the world with the perfect means of reliving the classic arcade games of yesteryear. Whether you’re looking to combine nostalgia with modern convenience by playing the original Sonic the Hedgehog on your laptop, or simply curious to try out what some of the oldest games felt like, SEGA emulators can help with that. Below, we’ll explore some of the best SEGA emulators for computers.

SEGA emulators for computers

The SEGA emulators for computers are an essential tool if you like games of the famous retro console. The operation of this type of programs is very similar to the best Android emulators for computers and SNES emulators for Android and PC. However, the big difference of each emulator is mainly in the number of SEGA consoles it can emulate.

SEGA emulators are also available for Mac and generally serve to emulate a wide variety of SEGA consoles.

An almost mandatory feature that the best SEGA emulators for computers must have is the ability to emulate different SEGA consoles, not just the Genesis model.

Currently, there are several emulators of this type that are quite powerful, although in reality the list is not very extensive. Here are some of the ones that work best on both Windows and Mac.

The best SEGA emulators for PCs

– RetroArchThis is an excellent cross-platform emulator that you can use not only on PC, but also on macOS and Android devices. This powerful emulator allows you to enjoy any of the SEGA consoles, which is its main advantage over the other emulators on the list.

– Kega Fusionis one of the oldest SEGA emulators in existence. It can be used on both PC and Mac, although not on most modern macOS devices. It also supports multiple SEGA systems such as 32X SEGA Games and Games Gear. Its interface is very easy to use.

– BlastEm: this emulator is characterized by its good performance, although it only serves to emulate SEGA Genesis and Master Drive. In BlastEm it is the complete opposite of Kega Fusion. The emulator works very well on modern and high-end devices, but it is not recommended for older systems. It should be noted that BlastEm does not support the latest versions of macOS.

– OpenEmuOne of the best recommendations if you use macOS, since OpenEmu is compatible with the most modern Apple systems. In terms of power, it is quite similar to RetroArch, as it allows you to download cores through the user interface and thus increase its emulation capacity. It does not have any version for PC use.

– Exodus: perhaps one of the least known of the list. However, Exodus is very well optimized to emulate SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive. In general, this emulator performs all the tasks expected of such a tool, although it stands out for its accuracy. A small disadvantage is that it is only compatible with PC.

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