The best selfie sticks for your mobile

The best selfie sticks are accessories for your mobile that They will allow you to take a perfect selfie because you will achieve the width and angle you want in the photo. These devices connect to the mobile phone so that you can capture it by simply pressing a button located on the handle of the device. selfie stick.

So, so that you have a quality gadget that helps you take good photos on your mobile, here you will know what you should evaluate to choose the best one. selfie stick. You will also find a list of the best selfie sticks that you can buy right now.

What to consider when buying a selfie stick

Buying a selfie stick is not as simple as it seems. You must evaluate several details before purchasing this gadget so that you buy an efficient product that meets your expectations.

– Arm length: This point is key, since if the stick is very long or short it will not fulfill its function well. It is recommended that the length ranges between 90 and 120 cm, this way you will be able to achieve good angles and the stick will be comfortable to manipulate.

– Extension mechanism: Because the stick can be stretched and retracted, the safest option is a strong mechanism that keeps the mobile firm so that there are no accidents. Avoid flimsy sticks that expand and retract very easily.

– Body construction: Don’t buy a stick that is made of plastic because it will break easily. If you want a light and resistant stick, its body must be made of aluminum. You can also opt for a stainless steel stick, although it will be heavier and more difficult to transport.

– Grip: Like the body of the stick, don’t get a stick that has a plastic grip because it can be slippery. Ideally, the handle should be made of aluminum covered with foam rubber so that you can hold it comfortably.

– Mobile phone holder: We recommend a fastener that can be attached manually so that you can tighten the phone yourself so that it is as secure as possible. Make sure the bra fits various sizes so you don’t have problems when fitting.

– Connection: The most common alternative is wireless sticks with Bluetooth, but, although they are comfortable, the truth is that you will have to charge the stick when the autonomy drops. If you don’t want to think about the battery of the stick, opt for the classic model that connects to the mobile phone via the auxiliary audio cable.

The best selfie sticks you can buy

These are some of the best selfie sticks with a good quality-price ratio that you can buy on the market.

– ATUMTEK Selfie Stick (30 euros): It stands out for its compact design, which can even fit into a pants pocket when retracted. The body of the stick is made of aluminum coated with anti-corrosive paint that prevents the stick from rusting.

The handle is also made of aluminum and is covered with rubber that makes it easier to grip. Additionally, the handle can be transformed into a tripod with the push of a button. It weighs 170 grams, can reach a maximum extension of 79 cm and connects via Bluetooth (includes a remote trigger).

Photo stick

– Fugetek Selfie Stick Tripod (15 euros): Both the body of the stick and the grip are made of aluminum, both stand out for their resistance, so it will not be a problem to reach the maximum extension of 130 cm, which is made to achieve good viewing angles and more elaborate shots.

Additionally, the grip can be transformed into a tripod, allowing you to easily take photos from a distance. The phone holder is made of plastic, but it is solid and can be manually configured so you can attach phones, cameras and ring lights. It weighs 120 grams and is paired with the phone via Bluetooth.

Easy selfie stick

– Gritin G3900 (11 euros): a traditional selfie stick that is constructed of plastic and aluminum. The body of the stick is made of aluminum to offer greater durability, while the handle is made of plastic covered in foam rubber.

If you wish, you can convert the grip into a tripod with the push of a button to make the change. The stick connects via Bluetooth to your mobile phone and includes a small remote control that works as a remote shutter release. The weight of the stick is 130 grams and it can reach a maximum extension of 70 cm.

Multipurpose selfie stick

– Erligpowht Selfie Stick Tripod (15 euros): a stick that is made for travel because when retracted it can fit into your pants pocket. The body of the stick is made of aluminum, offering a robust construction despite how portable it is.

For its part, the handle is made of plastic, but it is covered with a large anti-slip rubber and turns into a tripod. The weight of the selfie stick is 136 grams, the maximum extension is 86 cm and it is paired to the mobile via Bluetooth (remote shutter included).

Selfie tripod

– Tupwoon Q02M Pro (7 euros): We arrive at a very resistant selfie stick because both the body and the grip are made of stainless steel. The stick includes a set of LED lights that you can adapt to the cell phone holder to improve the lighting of the photo.

The Tupwoon selife stick can also be converted into a small tripod to take photos from a distance thanks to its trigger that connects to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. Mobile phones, classic cameras and GoPro can be attached to the stick. The weight of the stick is 213 grams and it reaches a maximum extension of 114 cm.

Selfie Stick with lights

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