The best series of 2020

With the arrival of the end of the year comes one of the most anticipated moments for fans of series and entertainment: choosing which ones to choose best series of 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in the consumption of audiovisual streaming content

This year, streaming audiovisual content consumption has increased due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has forced people to stay home longer. But the virus has also had an impact on the series as the pandemic has forced the paralysis and delay of the productions that were scheduled to start this year.

Still, it was a great year in terms of content for series lovers with great premieres of high quality. Next, we are going to select some of the best series of 2020 so that you can take advantage of this Christmas and see the ones you haven’t consumed yet.

– “The Collapse” (film): In a year ravaged by a global pandemic, this series, filmed before the virus hit, has shown viewers an all-too-familiar reality. A series that dreams of how people would behave in the midst of a total collapse of the world.

– “The Mandalorian” (Disney +): The Mandalorian is said to be the new Game of Thrones. The second season of the series, which is based on the Star Wars universe, is still up to date and features great characters from the saga like Ahsoka Thano.

– “Home” (HBO): The adaptation of the novel of the same name by Fernando Aramburu reflects the leading years of ETA and how Basque society behaved towards the executioners as well as towards the victims and their families.

– “The Lady’s Gambit” (Netflix): Without a doubt, the Anya Taylor-Joy series was one of the big revelations of the year. A look at loneliness, mental health, and chess.

-The Boys (Amazon Prime Video): After The Boys, superheroes will never be the same again. Cocky, despotic and psychopathic, the second season contains a lot more action and a deep political load.

– ¬ęDark¬Ľ (Netflix): In 2020, Dark, one of the most complex, intelligent and disturbing series in the platform’s catalog, ended. A tangled story of time travel, impossible family relationships, cults and the end of the world.

– “30 coins” (HBO): The series √Ālex de la Iglesia is a story about paranormal phenomena, violence and terror from series B. A story from Spain in which a strange ghost causes chaos because of a coin.

– ¬ęUnorthodox¬Ľ (Netflix): Series based on real events that is a hymn to religious freedom, traditions and family. It focuses on a young woman who belongs to a Jewish sect (Hasidic Jews) and after her marriage decides to leave the community and find her own in Berlin.

– “Tiger King” (Netflix): 2020 began with this delusional documentary series depicting the lives of the greatest owners of wild and exotic animals in the United States.

– “Small fires everywhere” (Amazon Prime Video): A drama about race, motherhood, class and revenge. A flawless production that borders on the soap opera in some places, but is full of secrets and surprises.

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