The best series on Amazon Prime Video [2023]

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Amazon Prime Video had a good year 2022, it was always at the top of the best streaming platforms available. This thanks to series and programs of the likes of The Boys, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, The Family Man, Mirzapur, The Peripheral, etc. It presented quality content that managed to gain a large number of fans and subscribers.

Prime Video already has part of the catalog it will present in 2023 ready and it looks very promising.

Now, to continue with what was proposed in 2022, Amazon Prime Video has announced some series that will arrive on the platform in 2023. Many of them look really amazing, for this reason, here we have prepared a list with the best that will arrive next year, do not miss it!

– Trackless: will tell the story of two Mexican cleaners, Desi and Cata. They will have to fight against all odds to overcome economic difficulties and face a huge challenge when they are put in charge of the mansion of the Roselló family, one of the most powerful families in Alicante. At first, the situation will go smoothly, but this will change drastically when they find the corpse of a woman.

– Citadel: arrives on Prime Video a series that will focus entirely on action and the world of espionage. The events will take place in a fictional world that will have the name of Citadel that has been created by AGBO, a company owned by the Russo brothers.

– Gen V: will be about a college in the United States made for all boys are superpowers. Like The Boys, the special young people will not be an example to follow, they will have to face a lot of moral, sexual and physical conflicts. Amazon reported that the series will be a combination between The Hunger Games and the morbid The Boys.

– Romancero: a series with a deep theme that will revolve around two orphaned children who have escaped from the hands of the law. It will focus on the story of the persecuted and the perspective of the persecutors in a hostile environment such as Andalusia.

– Hunters: an interesting proposal from Amazon Prime Video about a group of hunters who will be in charge of exterminating Nazis living in New York. The series is set in the 1970s and talks about a fictional Fourth Reich that wants to come to life in the United States.

– Operation Black Tide: we get to a super production that was filmed in Galicia and Portugal. It continues the story of the first season, this time it will focus on Nando’s life in prison while there is an intense struggle between crime and the law.

– The Wheel of Time: this is a fantasy series that will be based on a book that has the same name and sold more than 90 million copies. It will talk about a world where magic is practiced and only chosen women have access to it.

– Good Omens: this new season will introduce the friendship between the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley. Both will lead a quiet life in the mortal world until a new mystery breaks the peace.

– Las Cumbres Boarding School: The mysteries that are part of the boarding school are still latent and Amaia will be in charge of solving them. There will be infinite obstacles to find the solution because it will be a path full of terrible crimes and inexplicable disappearances.

– The Legend of Vox Machina: Once again the main character, Vox Machina, will have to save the world. Now a group of dragons will threaten to extinguish all mankind and living beings that walk the earth.

– Daisy Jones & The Six: Amazon Prime Video has prepared a musical drama that talks about the fame and decline of a rock band. The events take place in 1977 when the group was one of the most famous at the time.

– Star Trek Picard: will be the last season of one of the most famous series of all time. We will see the final adventure of the mythical Jean-Luc Picard along with other characters that have marked this production forever.

– The Continental: one of the most awaited by all because it is based on the John Wick action franchise. This time it will tell the events from the perspective of the hotel manager, Winston Scott. The series will revive the New York of the 70’s and its underworld.

– Carnival Row: takes place in a fantasy world where humans and creatures coexist in the same place. It will deal with a series of murders that have sown chaos in the city and must be solved to prevent the universe from collapsing.

– The Power: this Amazon Prime Video series is one of the craziest, as it focuses on a planet where almost all teenage girls have the ability to electrocute people. It poses a role reversal in which women take control of society.

– Barcelona Dating: is about relationships through the Internet and what happens when people meet in person. As its name suggests, Barcelona will be the city that will be in charge of witnessing several one-of-a-kind dates.

– Dead Ringers: an adaptation of the 1988 film written and directed by Cronenberg. On this occasion, the events take place in the Manhattan of 2021 where twin female executives in the Big Apple must struggle with various existential problems.

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