The best series on Filmin [2023]

The best series on Filmin in 2023 will be the ones that offer something new and exciting, captivating viewers with their captivating storytelling and engaging characters. With such a wide range of series to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down the selection to just a few. But the ultimate list of the best series on Filmin in 2023 is here, featuring the greatest new and returning shows of the year.

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The streaming platform Filmin has an extensive catalog of more than 10,000 titles to please viewers. fans of independent and auteur cinemain addition to quality short films, one of its distinctive strengths.

Filmin’s great specialty is independent and auteur cinema.

These are the best films on Filmin at present, but in addition, among its premiere proposals these series stand out especially, which we select for their quality:

“Carmen Curlers” (available from January 30): It was one of the inventions that caused the greatest impact at the time when it revolutionized women’s hairdressing salons in the 1960s: the curling iron. It was a time when the West was living an era of consumerist splendor while women were gaining more and more freedom and independence. And this series tells the story of the creation of this utensil.

“Bali” (available from January 30): Australian miniseries that reconstructs the experiences of Australian and Indonesian citizens during the terrorist attacks that took place in two tourist discos in Bali in 2002.

“Grantchester”(available from January 30): Series is set in the year 1950, in the British area of the same name as the series near Cambridge. There, an Anglican pastor, a former officer of the Scots Guards, will solve the most complicated crimes with the help of a World War II veteran who is now a police inspector.

– “Manayek” (available from January 30): Second season of a sophisticated thriller of Israeli origin whose plot is set in the underworld hidden behind law enforcement itself.
Shtisel director Alon Zingman helms this sophisticated Israeli crime thriller that unveils a dark underworld beneath the honorable guise of law enforcement.

“We are Lady Parts” (from Feb. 28): Six-episode miniseries about a group of young Pakistani girls who launch a feminist punk band in London and must find everything from a rehearsal space and fans to a female guitarist, whom they must convince that leading the band will make their search for a husband easier.

“Selftape” (as of April 4): 6-episode Spanish miniseries about the difficulties in the reunion of two sisters, who once achieved great fame and success at a young age, and who had been separated for years.

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