The best series that will premiere in summer 2021

Despite the fact that summer is a time to rest and vacation, the main entertainment platforms do not stop and come with a lot of news for Expand your catalogs. Next, we’re going to review some of the best series premiering on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney + this summer months.

Modern or historical fantasy, science fiction, action and drama. These are the premieres that can be seen on the main entertainment platforms during the summer months.

– “Young Highnesses” (Netflix): It’s a cross between “Elite” and “The Crown”. A young prince is sent to boarding school where, when released from his royal obligations, he can take control of his life. But everything becomes complicated when he becomes heir to the throne.

– “The White Lotus” (HBO): A six-part mini-series of social satire set in an exclusive Hawaiian resort. The series follows the vacations of several guests who come to relax but are faced with many complexities, such as a traumatized director or forbidden love stories between employees and guests.

– “Cathedral” (Amazon Prime Video): This Brazilian police genre production is inspired by a real case. The protagonist, a cocaine addict boy from Rio de Janeiro and leader of a criminal gang, has to face his father, a narcotics agent.

– “Dinasty Warriors” (Netflix): Series based on the popular action and strategy video games, which in turn are inspired by the Chinese historical saga “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. It tells the end of the Han Dynasty and the Yellow Turban Rebellion, as well as the stories of some of the great figures in Chinese history such as Dong Zhuo, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.

– «Leonardo» (Amazon Prime Video): Documentary series on the life of the genius Leonardo Da Vinci and the most important inventions and works of his estate. In eight episodes, the viewer discovers the intertwined life of the genius in Milan in 1506, his closest circle, the nobility of the time and the inspiration for his creations.

– “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” (Netflix): Animated series that takes the adventures of popular action figures from the 80s. Through various timelines, Smith will attempt to resolve many of the fringes that were loose in the original series and that fans of the series have been expecting for many years to be resolved.

– «Solos» (Amazon Prime Video): It’s a short series with just seven episodes, each of which focuses on a different story and character. All stories lead the viewer into the future and are led by actors of the stature of Morgan Freeman or Anne Hathaway. In short, it’s an anthology about loneliness and isolation.

– “Resident Evil: Oscuridad Infinita” (Netflix): CGI series with Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, the main characters of the star game of the “Resident Evil” series “Residen Evil 2”. The story takes the viewer to 2006, when Leon has to investigate the hack of the top secret file of the White House, the clues lead him to discover a biological weapons laboratory in Shanghai. Meanwhile, Claire Redfield investigates the civil war in Penamstan and the use of a biological weapon that turns people into zombies.

– “Everything Else” (HBO): April Zamora, who we saw in “Vis a Vis” or “The Disorder You Leave”, is responsible for this series that, openly and without prejudice, tells the story of a group of thirty-year-olds who feel trapped in some lives that they are not what they expected and that leaves them to be frustrated as they look for a way to find their niche in busy Madrid life.

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