The best short series with less than 8 episodes

“Binge watching” is now in vogue, a marathon or, in other words: watching in a meeting an entire season or series, the most important streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or HBO have short series with seasons that do not exceed 8 chapters that can be enjoyed in one session, as they have a total duration of no more than 10 hours.

Short series are perfect for running a “marathon” and enjoying all of the content at once.

For anyone looking for a series to watch on a Saturday afternoon, here are some of the best short series that can be found on the platforms:

– “Mare from Easttown” (HBO): Watching the entire series takes no more than 7 hours. It is a gripping crime drama starring Kate Winslet, who must find a killer while trying to overcome her own personal problems.

– «Sky-Rojo» (Netflix): The first season of this Spanish series lasts no more than 3.5 hours. From the creator of “La Casa de Papel”, this series tells the story of three prostitutes who, after mistaking the pimp who blackmailed them for dead, embark on a frantic escape in search of freedom.

– «Gambito de dama» (Netflix): One of the most critically acclaimed series of 2020 with only 7 episodes of one hour each. It is the story of a young chess wonder who has to fight its way into a male-dominated world.

– “The Collapse” (film): This French production can be viewed in full in two and a half hours. One of the most shocking series of the last year. It shows the end of the world through the simple collapse of the system. Each chapter, about 20 minutes long, is a sequential shot that shows a single location (a hospital, a supermarket …), a portrait of what is to come, the end of a dying system.

– «Unothodox» (Netflix): A series based on real events that can be enjoyed in just 4 hours. It tells the life of a 19-year-old girl, born and raised in a family of ultra-Orthodox Jews who rebelled against this way of life and flees in search of freedom.

– “Bodyguard” (Netflix): A short series that mixes political corruption, terrorism and sex offers six hours of pure action, tension and loads of adrenaline.

– “I love Dick” (Amazon Prime Video): A complex, fun and sometimes very schizophrenic love triangle. With Dick (Kevin Bacon) as the central axis, the comedy tells of love, art and relationships.

– “Feud: Bette y Joan” (HBO): This six and a half hour series tells of the tense war between two of the greatest actresses of all time: Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, which culminated while filming “What Happened to Baby Jane?” reached.

– «The End of the Damned World» (Netflix): With two seasons of around two and a half hours each, it’s a nihilistic portrait that perfectly reflects the personality of the 90s. A story of two teenagers who think they are psychopaths but are perhaps the most sensible in the world.

– «The Sinner» (Netflix): A series with three self-contained seasons, each lasting no more than 6 hours. Each story plunges us into a crime in which nothing is what it seems, as there are always backstories that completely change their approach and break the barrier between victim and executioner.

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