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Having a website stopped being an option a long time ago. Nowadays, any company needs to have its space on the network, otherwise it is as if it does not exist.

A few years ago, creating a website was a complicated task that required the help of professionals – here you can see what any website used to look like – but today all that has changed and there are sites to create a web pageb easily and in a short time.

These sites offer all the tools necessary to create a fully functional and professional looking website. However, before choosing you must be clear what do you want or needsince depending on what you want to build you will need some functionalities or others.

Where to easily create a website

To help you choose, we have prepared a list of the best sites to create a website:

-WordPress: WordPress is the most used content manager in the world, as it is ideal for websites with a lot of content, but also for blogs.

More than 30% of web pages around the world are created with this system. It’s free, although you need to have your own domain and hosting to set it up (WordPress has its own plans, but their price is high).

It is one of the platforms with the best customization options and allows you to do practically whatever you want, thanks to the fact that there are millions of plugins that you can install.

It has different plans: Free, Personal, Premium, Business and eCommerce. All plans have free templates and basic functions to organize the domain. However, SEO tools and “” branding removal are available for the Business and eCommerce version.

-Wix: With Wix you can create a website for free (although without your own domain). It is very easy to use for users with little experience, as it offers up to 800 templates so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and adapt it to your style.

To have your own domain you have to buy one of the plans and only the highest ones have the option to create e-commerce. It is a good option to create a free page or to get started, but not to build something more professional.

Like the previous one, it has different plans. First of all, the free one. But it also has premium plans, such as Conectar Domino, which is the cheapest, or the Business VIP, which is its complete professional package. Their most popular plan is Unlimited, suitable for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

-Squarespace: It is a more sophisticated tool than the previous one and can be a bit challenging for users with little experience. One of its main advantages is the templates it offers, whose designs are among the best on the market. Another advantage is that it has a very extensive knowledge library, with guides, videos and a tutorial that you can follow to build your website.

-1&1 IONOS: Although its builder is much simpler than Squarespace’s, it has all the tools necessary to create a website.

It is ideal for small companies that do not want to spend a lot of money on an exclusive design and are committed to functionality, with a fast response at the server level and good performance in mobile browsing.

-GoDaddy: At GoDaddy you will find a builder that is very easy to use and also very fast. In a few minutes you can have your website set up, this is due to its design assistant; You just have to enter the data and it will generate a design for you to personalize. It has many customization options. It is also not a good option for creating large or powerful pages, but it is not bad for small businesses or a personal website.

-Hostinger (formerly Zyro): A simple and easy-to-use creator. We could consider it to be a reduced Wix option, although with very high quality features. It allows you to create blogs within the pages, although it does not have basic options such as comments or the ability to share files.

One of its strong points are the templates, easy to edit and very attractive, although with few customization options. Again, it is a perfect option for small or personal pages, but not for the website of a large company or for any user who is going to share a lot of content.

-Jimdo. This platform is characterized by the ease of creating a web domain in a matter of minutes. Jimdo has a large number of templates to customize the page.

In addition, it focuses above all on business, since on its main page it offers the possibility of creating an online store. There are different plans, the cheapest being the plan start, appropriate for bloggers and influencers, and the most expensive plan is the Unlimited, which offers all the Jimdo tools. For those who don’t want to spend a cent, Jimdo also offers a free plan.

-Webnode. Like Jimdo, this website also provides quite a bit of importance to business. From its main page it directs the user to create a web page according to their needs. Its professional plan is the most complete and is cheaper than the complete plans of the previous platforms. It also has a free version.

-Ionos It is one of the platforms intended for those who want to have a professional website. Therefore, all its plans are paid although it has free offers, but for a limited time. Ionos provides a personal advisor on many of its offerings.

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