The best smart doorbells with cameras

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For convenience and security, installing a smart doorbell with a video camera at home can be a great idea. These are devices that can be placed in both single-family homes and apartments, replacing the doorbell and/or video intercom and contribute to creating a connected and digital home.

Along with the button that allows visitors to announce their arrival at the home, these devices add a microphone and speaker for audio communication but also a camera. This allows you to verify from the inside who is outside, with high image resolution options as well as infrared vision possibilities so that complete darkness does not constitute an obstacle.

Some even allow you to receive the image or communicate from the television or from a mobile device, which makes it easier to attend to a visitor or know who has knocked on the door without having to be at home. There is also the possibility of integrating these smart doorbells into home automation systems managed by smart assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa or Apple and its HomeKit.

The best “smart doorbells” on the market

There is a wide variety of this type of devices so the user can choose between the different features, characteristics and capabilities offered by each of the following proposals.

-Arlo: With a 1436×1536 resolution camera and 180º pixel angle and sequence recording (unlimited by subscription), it offers a complete view of whoever is in front of the door. It easily integrates with home automation and security systems from Amazon (Alexa), Google (Google Assistant) and Apple (HomeKit) and sends the signal to a smartphone. As a defect, it can be noted that it only works through mains power, it does not have its own batteries.

Arlo Smart Doorbell

-Eufy: Its 2K resolution camera is connected to an intelligent sensor that will activate the warning only when it detects that there is a person in front of the door, something that can be determined by recognizing facial patterns and the shape of the human body. This will prevent, in the case of exterior cameras or in single-family homes, the warnings from being activated by the presence of animals or vehicles. Includes night vision and integration with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Eufy home camera

-Google Nest: Its camera captures images in 1600×1200 pixel resolution and offers facial recognition, being able to identify visitors thanks to the intelligent management of its capture library. It only has integration into Google Assistant.

Google Nest

-Maximus: It is the first to offer two cameras, one with 1080p resolution and another with 720p resolution located at the bottom of the exterior module. With this, a 180º panoramic view is obtained showing both the top of the door and the floor. It is compatible with Alexa.

Maximus doorbell with camera

-Ring Video Doorbell: Three models stand out: the Wired (more affordable, FullHD image quality, 155º angle) and the pro 2 (which adds night vision with simulated color, Alexa integration). Both models can only be connected by cable, but for those who want to do without wiring there is the alternative of the model Doorbell 4which in addition to cable power has its own rechargeable and removable battery.

ring camera

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