The best smart fans [2024]

Smart fans can receive commands through a voice assistant and be controlled remotely through a mobile application. This way you can turn them off, turn them on, increase the power… and many more things.

They are elements that will enrich the possibilities of your smart home, as do smart light bulbs or even smart mirrors. If you are thinking of purchasing a fan for the summer, these are the models that exist on the market that have better performance and whose price is affordable. All this without ceasing to be a quality product.

Recommended smart fans in 2024

Any fan you select from this list can be controlled with your voice, a virtual assistant or a smartphone app. They are efficient devices that will pair perfectly with your smart home system.

Honeywell HF0CESVWK6

This model stands out for its versatility, since it can function as a portable air conditioner, fan and dehumidifier, which is extremely practical. The air conditioning function is powerful, it will cool large rooms without any problem.

As for its dehumidifier mode, it incorporates a capacity of 9.3 gallons, which translates into a duration of several hours. In addition, it includes a drainage tray and insulating tape. The device can be controlled with voice commands or through Alexa. Its price is 580 euros.

Versatile fanVersatile fan

Dreo Smart Tower Fan

It offers Wi-Fi connectivity and remote control through Google Assistant and Alexa. It incorporates six speed settings ranging from silent mode to sleep to save energy when you are not at home or in the room.

The fan has a touch screen on the front that is used to make various changes directly. It also has a remote control that will allow you to adjust the speed without having to use your cell phone or voice command. The cost of this fan is 80 euros.

Smart fanSmart fan

Dreo Pedestal Fan

A pedestal fan that stands out for its effective work and minimalist and practical design. If you want to save space, this fan is a good buy because it will fit in any corner of your home without problems, since its measurements are compact.

However, despite its portable design, it has eight speed settings and six wind speeds that will adapt to the size of the room efficiently. It has the ability to work silently or for programmed time intervals to save energy. It is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa and its cost is 140 euros.

Simple fanSimple fan

Dyson Hot+Cool HP07

We come to a fan that stands out for its versatility, since it works as a fan, air purifier and space heater. The device can be controlled in real time through the MyDyson application, which allows you to adjust any detail precisely.

The design of the fan is modern and elegant, a great point in its favor is that it is compact and lightweight, so that you can place it anywhere you want without problems. This model is compatible with Alexa and also includes a remote control that incorporates all the vital settings. Its amount is 750 euros.

modern fanmodern fan

Vornado 660AE Air Circulator Fan

This is a wall fan that is made for small offices or rooms, since its main objective is to circulate air regularly to keep the area cool. It has powerful airflow and automatic tilt movements that can aim at various angles of the location.

It has four different configurations where its silent mode stands out, which is perfect for working because the device will not emit any annoying noise. You can control the fan through your mobile phone or with Alexa, which adds extra convenience. The cost of this model is 130 euros.

Compact fanCompact fan

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