The best smart glasses on the market [2023]

List of the best smart glasses

The best smart glasses They are devices that have many of the functions that you can find on mobile phones and tablets and allow you to enjoy them directly from your head. For obvious reasons, everything is controlled using gestures and that is why they are very useful, for example, in work environments, as they allow you to optimize productivity. Also the gameplay on a personal level.

Currently, with such a variety of advances and new models, such as the Ray-Ban Meta or the Meta Quest 3, choosing the ideal smart glasses for your needs can be a complex task. That’s why here we bring you a selection of the best smart glasses on the market.

The best models of smart glasses

-Ray-Ban Meta. They are the last to hit the market and, with them, Meta updates the Ray-Ban Stories, which as you will see later are also part of this list. They allow you to make calls, video calls and even broadcast live video. Of course, they also allow you to share photos and videos directly with contacts.

Rayban Meta

– OhO glasses with Bluetooth: In addition to being one of the most economical, this pair of OhO glasses are extremely light and, therefore, comfortable to wear. Not only that, despite their low price, these glasses have open speakers, excellent for both phone calls and listening to music. They are also compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and have IP44 water resistance.

smart glasses

– Snap Spectacles 3: They do not include augmented reality features, as they have been designed primarily for Snapchat content creators. This can be evidenced in its cameras with the ability to record high-resolution videos and take 3D captures. Likewise, another notable aspect of these Snap Spectacles is their elegant aesthetics.

Snap Lenses

– Rokid Max: With a virtual screen of up to 215 inches, 120 Hz refresh rate and 50-degree total viewing angle, the Rokid Max is one of the strongest options for those who want a fully immersive augmented reality experience.

Glasses to enter the web

– TCL NXTWear S RayNeo XR: In exchange for not including projection features as powerful as those offered by the Rokid Max, these TCL glasses stand out for being much more comfortable. In fact, this device includes low blue light protection, friendly user interface, and physical buttons to control the volume of its built-in speakers and calibrate the screen brightness.

TCL smart glasses

– Ray-Ban Stories: Despite not having the best HDR of premium smart glasses, Ray-Ban Stories stand out for their high-quality videos and photographs. Additionally, while some users may find it annoying to have to log in to Facebook to use them, these glasses are a solid recommendation thanks to their hyper-sensitive touch panel and portable charging case with up to 3 days of extra battery life.

– Xreal Air: Without a doubt, the best smart glasses you can buy in 2023. Its most notable points are its impressive 130-inch virtual screen and its Nebula spatial computing interface, which is capable of providing one of the most complete augmented reality experiences. In short, there is no doubt that, for just over 300 euros, the Xreal Air are the best choice.

Xreal glasses with Internet

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