The best smart lamps [2023]

Best smart lamps on the market

The smart lamps They are devices for smart homes with the capacity to illuminate any space in the home. They are controlled remotely via Wi-Fi from your mobile phone or tablet, either to turn them on, off, program them, adjust the light intensity, etc.

You can make any lamp you have at home “smart” by installing smart bulbs. However, in this article you will find the best smart lamps on the market today. This way you will have plenty of options to modernize the image of your home and enjoy much more customizable artifacts.

The best smart lamps

Don’t lose sight of our compilation of the best smart lamps, as they are all magnificent devices for the smart home that have modern LED lighting of the best quality:

– ECOLOR table lamp: Although it is one of the most affordable on the list, this colorful lamp offers you the possibility of choosing between purchasing it wirelessly or with a cable to connect to a power source. In addition, this ECOLOR lamp has an option that allows you to configure up to five different color tones. Perhaps its only drawback is not being compatible with voice commands.

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– Govee Aura Table Lamp: It stands out among the vast majority of devices of this type due to the multiple modes that its app includes. Some of these functions are segmented control and music mode, which will make the color of the light vary according to the musical track you play. It is worth noting that this device can be manipulated through Amazon Alexa.

Best smart lamps on the market

– Echo Glow: It is the perfect choice for users of the Amazon ecosystem. And thanks to its compatibility with Alexa, you can control the Echo Glow through any other Echo device. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to being one of the smart lamps with the best ratings on Amazon, the Echo Glow has been designed especially for children.

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– Philips Hue Go: It is a portable device, which includes its own rechargeable base. It is relevant to mention that the Philips Hue Go table lamp is not only ideal to have in any room of the home, but also to use outdoors, as it has IP54 water and dust resistance.

Philips lamps

– Yeelight table lamp: It is the result of the partnership between Razer Chroma and Yeelight, which is owned by Xiaomi. This product not only stands out for its quality, but also for its portability, ease of use and for being a wireless lamp that you can place anywhere in your home. As if that were not enough, it is compatible with Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit and Alexa.

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