The best smart speakers [2023]

In 2023, the best smart speakers are getting even smarter. They offer a wide range of features and functionalities, which have made them very popular and have become must-haves for many homes. From playing your favorite music to ordering items online, these speakers have become a true asset to every household.

Smart speakers of 2023

The best smart speakers not only have the ability to play music, they do much more than just computer speakers. They are home devices that have a virtual assistant that you can use for various tasks. They have the ability to search for news, provide weather data, dim lights, activate locks and more.

A smart speaker will become your ally for various simple tasks, you will control other devices, play music, and so on.

Most smart speakers come with Alexa or Google Assistant, and some allow you to switch between the two assistants. It’s important to decide which system you want before making your purchase. Below, you’ll find out which are the best speakers you can buy today.

– Amazon Echo Dot with clock (5th Gen): its main appeal is that it’s affordable and you won’t miss any valuable features. It has a multifunctional LED display, the sound quality is clean and balanced, and it has a built-in eero. Its only negative point is that it does not include a 3.5 mm audio input.

Smart speakers in 2023

– Sonos One: the first thing you will notice in this speaker is that its sound quality is top notch, you will hear your favorite songs perfectly. The app that Sonos offers is complete, you will make any adjustment easily from there. It has the ability to work with Alexa and Google Assistant, which is a crucial advantage because you will have at your disposal the best of both systems.

Smart home speakers

– Apple HomePod mini: despite how small it is, the sound will leave you surprised, the highs and lows are present, it has the right balance. For an Apple product, it has an attractive cost. Its design is striking, as it is built with quality materials and is compact, you will place it wherever you want. The only negative is that it does not incorporate a physical mute button.

Speakers for the home

– Amazon Echo (4th Gen): its elegant spherical design will never go unnoticed, it will combine with the style of your home or office without problems. To this we must add a good sound, any song will be heard crisp and nuanced bass and treble. It is also packed with useful functions for smart homes and has an input for an audio cable.

– Google Nest Mini: the minimalist design and fun colors it offers make it an option to consider. It has a small size, but has a solid construction that will withstand any kind of treatment without inconvenience. Its price is affordable considering it offers the full catalog of Google Assistant activities and commands.

Speakers for music

– Google Nest Audio: its simple exterior, as if it were a monolith, will not leave you indifferent. Thanks to its size, it incorporates excellent audio that is capable of reaching a high volume. In addition, the response times of Google Assistant are fast, it will do what you need in a matter of seconds. Its only drawback is that it cannot be used as an audio output source.

Smart speakers

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