The best solar-powered gadgets

solar energy

Summer, with its vacations, trips, excursions… is perhaps the best time of the year to get away from the plugs. But this also has the downside of not having an electric recharge available to run the various electronic devices that have become part of everyday life.

Devices powered by photovoltaic panels do not require connection to the electrical grid or the use of batteries or batteries

Fortunately, for these occasions but also for the rest of the year, there is a wide variety of gadgets of all kinds that do not require batteries or plugs since they work thanks to solar energy.

This is why they will be comfortable in a conventional use but they will be almost essential for trips, excursions or simply to spend more time away from plugs and chargers.

The best solar-powered gadgets

-Wireless keyboard: Logitech has the Solar Keyboard K750 model, a computer keyboard with a full numeric keypad that does not need any connection to be powered, it only needs the solar panels on its upper part.

The accumulated energy level can be checked using an application, Solar App, available for Windows and Mac.

This not only does away with the hassle of cables that wireless keyboards usually allow, but also avoids running out of battery power at the most inopportune moment.

The only precaution to be taken, logically, is not to work in total darkness and to leave it in the sun from time to time.

Logitech solar keyboard

-Backpack: Outdoor excursions are great times to enjoy nature and, especially in summer, spend lots of time in the sun.

To take advantage of that situation backpacks like this Sunnybag Iconic have a series of removable solar panels on the back so that they accumulate energy throughout the time they remain receiving sunlight.

Not only for the duration of the trip, but during breaks it is enough to leave it facing the sun so that it continues to obtain an electric charge. This will serve to recharge devices that are stored in the backpack itself, so that at the end of the journey the autonomy of these will have been increased.

Sunnybag solar backpack

-Watch: Neither cord, batteries or hand movements but the sun, the oldest energy that reaches our planet every day in a timely manner. And for punctuality that of these models of the prestigious brand Bering, some of which have an autonomy of up to a year for those who are little to go out into the street or the field to give them the sun but want to know at all times the day and time in which they live.

Bering sundial

-Speaker: You will no longer stop playing music at the most inopportune moment and without the possibility of recharging the battery through a plug with wireless speakers like this one from Cyboris, which by having a solar panel is able to offer up to 30 hours of music playback.

As for recharging the manufacturer indicates that with just 10 minutes of solar exposure 30 minutes of operation are obtained. Also designed for outdoors and excursions, it is reinforced by a black rubber exterior. It also has a practical flashlight.

solar wireless speaker

-Charger: Lixada is one of the brands that offers a portable solar charger, capable of accompanying the user in any displacement, capturing energy from the sun with its photovoltaic cells to recharge any device. Being so thin (2 mm) and light, it can be transported very comfortably and easily placed in almost any location.

Lixada Charger

-Tent: The ultimate self-sustainable camping starts with a tent like this one from Kaleidoscope equipped with a cover based on flexible panels made of a fabric that functions as photovoltaic cells and is therefore able to generate its own electrical energy from sunlight.

Accumulated in batteries, it can later be used both for interior and exterior lighting of the tent itself and to recharge all kinds of devices. It even has a heating system also powered by the energy generated.

Finally, and thinking of those who have difficulty finding their tent in the middle of a camping area, it has a geolocation function, activated by SMS or RFID wireless technology, which connects a special lighting system that facilitates the location of this particular tent.

solar camping

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