The best solution to transfer data from one cell phone to another

Surely your cell phone is full of information and data that is important to you: hundreds of photos, messages from your family and friends, a complete list of contacts, documents that have been sent to you … Today we practically store a lot of information – or more – in cell phones than in personal computers, given the wide storage capabilities they have.

However, this is a problem when we want to switch phones: how can all data be transferred quickly and easily from one phone to another? Transferring all information manually can take hours of work and effort, and besides, not all data is passed on and some of it is forgotten on the old phone.

To avoid this situation, today we are going to talk about a very useful application that we have been testing for the past few days. To transfer all data easily and securely from one mobile phone to another, you can download Mobiletrans for free. It is a complete tool that will allow you to have all of your data on your new mobile phone in minutes without having to worry about it.

With Mobiletrans you can transfer up to 17 types of data from one phone to another: contacts, photos and videos, messages, music files, notes … and even all of your favorite mobile applications. It can be used with more than 8,000 models of mobile devices running Android, iOS and Windows operating systems, so you can be sure that it will work with your mobile phone.

You do not need any advanced knowledge of computer science to use Mobiletrans. It is the best solution for phone data transfer, a tool for everyone that allows you to use all the data quickly and easily without restarting the devices or erasing the original data. You can switch from iOS to Android, from Android to iOS, from iPhone to iPhone … without any major problems by copying all content between the different platforms. We tell you how:

How to transfer data from one cell phone to another with Mobiletrans

The first thing you need to do is download Mobiletrans on your computer for free. Install the application and you will get to the main menu. In it you have to click on “Phone Transfer”.

Now all you have to do is connect the old and the new cell phone to the computer using the appropriate USB cable. You will see that Mobiletrans recognizes both immediately.

All you have to do is highlight the content you want to copy and hit “Start” to start the copying process. As simple as that!

For clarification, note that the free version does not allow you to hand over WhatsApp data at the same time. This could be done with the “WhatsApp Transfer” function of Mobiletrans Wondershare, which you also have available on their website. If you want to share all mobile data and WhatsApp data at the same time, you can also buy Mobiletrans Wondershare with all its functions on its website.

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