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From quiz shows to dating, cooking or lifestyle programs, reality TV is one of the most versatile entertainment formats in the world of the screen. A genre that allows us to get to know deeply human stories, and discover diverse realities through original and innovative formats.

Netflix premieres “A quién le gusta mi follower”, with Luján Argüelles

Coinciding with the FesTVal television festival in Vitoria, Netflix has shared its continued commitment to new reality TV formats, and has officially announced that it will there will be second season of Soy Georgina and Amor con fianzatwo of the platform’s most successful reality shows. In addition, it has presented the first details of a new reality show that is currently in production, which will test the trust of different couples through deep fake technology.

To liven up the wait for these new titles, we have prepared a compilation of the best reality shows with a Spanish-made label on Netflix to enjoy the freshness of the best unscripted entertainment developed in our country. Original and groundbreaking formats that will thrill and surprise you in equal parts.

-who likes my follower?

“Love is nothing easy”. Under this slogan, this new format, presented by Luján Argüelles, premieres on September 8, in which Jedet, Aroyitt and Jonan Wiergo, three successful influencers, help their followers to choose among a series of possible partners, in the hope of exchanging digital “likes” for real, physical love. If you’re someone who spends hours on Tik Tok and Instagram (and, let’s not kid ourselves, Tinder), and you’re also a hopeless romantic, this title is definitely for you. Don’t miss out!

-I’m Georgina

can you imagine what your life could be like if you had almost 40 million followers on social networks? What if you went from having a normal life to being a celebrity who travels by private jet and goes shopping to the best stores in Milan and Paris? Through this reality show you will enter the life of Georgina Rodriguez, model, mother, influencer, businesswoman and partner of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. In this first season you will get to know closely the woman behind the covers, the photos, the stories and the big headlines, from the most public and well-known part to the most personal.

In Soy Georgina you will witness her joys and fears and also her memories of life before fame. A journey full of glamour and luxury in which you will discover a unique personality that will surely not leave you indifferent.


Led by actress and singer Najwa Nimri (La Casa de Papel), in Insiders we will meet twelve people who believe they are in the last round of a casting to be part of a reality show. What they do not imagine is that their participation in the contest has already begun, and that a prize of 100,000 € is at stake. A major challenge that will bring out the diversity of personalities of the participants, and in which nothing is what it seems. Original, authentic and full of tension, this reality show once again demonstrates the ability of reality television to reinvent itself and continue to surprise us with new formats and premises.

-Tamara Falcó: the marquise

Tamara Falcó’s life has been in front of the cameras practically since the day she was born, but who is really the Marquise of Griñón? Socialite, influencer, businesswoman, TV collaborator and chef, in this new reality show you will discover the most intimate and personal side of Tamara Falcó, her family, her friends and her partner. All this while you accompany her in one of the most important challenges of her life: the opening of her own restaurant.

A reality show that offers unprecedented access to the day-to-day life of one of the most media personalities in Spain, with star appearances by names such as Carolina Herrera, Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa.

-Love with bail

Presented by Mónica Naranjo, in this reality show six couples will live three weeks of madness in a spectacular villa in an idyllic setting. They all claim to have a sincere relationship without lies, but now comes the time to prove it. In Amor con fianza, each of them will undergo the eye detect, a revolutionary system that analyzes the involuntary alterations that occur in the eye when lying. The couples will compete for a cash prize of up to 100,000 € knowing that lies have a very high price: telling the truth, however painful it may be, will earn them money, but if they lie, the figure will automatically decrease.

Enjoy the first season of this innovative reality show in which couples will have to overcome their jealousy and mistrust to win the final prize.

-First Class

Aldo Comas, Archie M. Alled-Martínez, Clara Courel, Lucía Sáez-Benito, Álex Agulló, Amanda Portillo, Marc and Zaida Patsy, Meilan Kao, Carola Etxart, Julie Brangstrup, Ferrán Ribó, Álex Sáez and Cristina Fontella form an eclectic and wealthy group of friends from Barcelona with one characteristic in common: they all seek to squeeze the most out of life. In First Class you will get to know their extravagant personalities as you accompany them through spectacular corners of Barcelona, the Costa Brava and the south of France.

If you want to witness how the real jet set moves, you can’t miss the fun adventures of this peculiar group of friends.

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