The best technological gifts to surprise your customers

USB memory

If you want to promote your business or improve the image of your company in a simple way, one of the most effective options is to make advertising items with your corporate colors and logo. Promotional marketing is very popular and has many benefits, among other marketing trends. Everyone likes to receive a detail, and if you manage to find the perfect gift, you will also get customers and potential customers -as well as your employees- to keep in a prominent place the object they have received.

Giving merchandising as a gift has many advantages. The first is obvious: it allows brand recognition and positive recall of the company. If you offer an interesting gift, which adds value and is of quality, your image will be reinforced thanks to this small detail offered to your customers and employees. Not only the name of the company will be remembered, but also its logo, slogan and corporate colors. Also, you can take advantage of the product to provide contact information (website, phone number, corporate email…) of the company to have them at hand when needed.

In most cases, moreover, all these advantages will be achieved economically, because contrary to what you may think, making promotional items is not expensive at all. You will always find a solution that fits your budget and, likewise, if orders of a certain amount of units are carried out, the costs are usually even cheaper.

But in addition to being economical in most cases and promoting positive company recall and brand recognition, making merchandising items also has other benefits. For example, it helps to build loyalty among the most committed customers to the firm, who will value having a quality device from the company in which they have already placed their trust. Establishing these strong ties will allow them to quickly think of you when they need your products or services next time, or to become prescribers and recommend you to their family and friends if they ever need advice.

This will allow you to expand your customer base thanks to word-of-mouth and the positive reinforcement of the company-consumer relationship that merchandising items facilitate. In addition, if the item itself is eye-catching and of high quality, it will possibly attract the attention of other people who will be interested in having that item as well, approaching your company and knowing what you do and what you can offer them.

It also increases purchase intent, as customers are more willing to purchase a new product or service after having received a promotional gift. The predisposition to purchase is greater after having received a present they like than after seeing the name of the company in advertising campaigns in the press, radio or television. This is known as the “law of reciprocity” and stems from the feeling of gratitude to give something back when receiving a gift.

In addition to improving relations with customers and making itself known to new audiences, corporate merchandising also allows to strengthen the relationship with suppliers – who will positively value this detail from the company they work with – and employees, who will be able to proudly display this object bearing the colors and logo of their company.

While traditional advertising has a certain run, which ends once the advertisement is no longer broadcasted, this type of promotional marketing lasts over time: specifically, all that corresponds to the useful life of the object. Months or even years can pass and your logo and your brand will continue to be visible as the first day.

Recommendations for technological gifts

In addition to being able to use them on any occasion, merchandising gifts are valid for all types of public. If you know your customers and potential customers, you will know what their tastes and needs are. Surely there is a promotional item that fits what they want. You just have to look for the type of personalized item that best fits your target audience: clothing, health, food… and possibly the star category: the latest technology.

Who can resist a really useful state-of-the-art technological gift? Few will be those who do not find attractive any of the following technological gifts that we recommend:

-USB flash drives: Personalized USB flash drives are tremendously practical and everyone will love to receive one with ample capacity in which to store all kinds of files and documents. Some people even carry them on their keychain, always in their pocket, so they will see the name and logo of your company every time they enter or leave home. In addition, it is an economical gift, which can make a very good impression.

-Wireless speakers: One of the most valued promotional items. They stand out for their small size but, above all, for their usefulness. Whoever receives it will take it on their travels, on vacations, in meetings with friends to play the best music… and your logo will always be there.

-Headphones: Although in that case the logo may be smaller in size, it is true that giving a headset as a gift is a good idea because they are a gadget that every user will especially value, especially if they are wireless. The logo can be on the box or on the headset itself.

-Wireless chargers: The versatility they provide and the knowledge that you can charge an electronic device such as a cell phone anywhere will make your brand logo a good memory.

-Removable batteries: Powerbanks are also very useful gifts, as they will save the recipient from running out of battery on the cell phone or laptop at any time. Given how little phone batteries last, they will certainly be a much appreciated gift.

-Activity wristbands: This is another of the best technological gifts you can give to your customers and employees, which will allow them to monitor their sports activity in an easy and comfortable way, having all the information at their disposal, and with the name of your company always in mind.

There are many other gifts you could give to publicize and spread the name of your company. Whatever you choose, you will provoke a feeling of gratitude among your customers and a greater identification with the values of your company, especially if you make the choice thinking about their preferences and tastes.

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