The best thrillers from Netflix and other digital platforms

The thriller is one of the favorite genres of users of the platforms of Streamingas these are full of stories Intrigue and in some cases mystery or violence.

These are some of the best intrigue series and movies to be found on the major platforms.

In a way, modern thrillers are the heirs to the old detective stories and noir films that were so popular in the 1940s and 1950s. Today, streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video are among their best series and films in a genre that keeps viewers tense.

– «Seven» (Netflix): One of the great thrillers of recent times, the film focuses on a series of murders that mimick the Seven Deadly Sins. Grim and tough film in which two very different detectives face a cold and calculating murderer.

– “The Snake” (Netflix): One of the latest additions to the platform is the real story of a ruthless assassin who operated in Asia in the 1970s drugging and murdering young European and American tourists.

– “Hunter” (Amazon Prime Video): One of the most diverse thrillers in which Al Pacino leads a group of very different people who come together in New York in the 1970s to hunt down the Nazis who managed to escape and seek refuge in North America.

– «Devs» (HBO): One of the best-known science fiction thrillers of 2020. This series by Alex Garland explores the most impressive corners of the genre. A story of suicides, technological secrets and many puzzles.

– “The Invitation” (Netflix): A film that, in the purest Agatha Christie style, creates a suffocating atmosphere with a touch of nightmare. An awkward film that shows how a simple dinner with friends can turn into something terrible.

– “Black Swan” (Amazon Prime Video): Another of the most famous films of recent times with up to five Oscar nominations. It is a psychological thriller in which Natalie Portman plays Nina, a New York ballet dancer who has a severe personality disorder due to pressure.

– «Iron» (Movistar +): Spanish series starring Candela Peña, who plays a judge who arrives on the Canary Island of Hierro and is confronted with an investigation into the murder of a young man.

– “Peaky Blinders” (Netflix and Amazon Prime Video): The Peaky Blinders are a group of interwar gangsters in London. One of the most critically acclaimed shows in recent times, full of power struggles, violence and struggles for control of local businesses.

– “True Detective” (HBO): With multiple self-closing seasons, it’s a different series where the real and the supernatural are blended.

– «Ozark» (Netflix): Although they are apparently a normal family, in reality Marin Byrde’s family is hiding a great secret, and that is, they are of great importance in shady matters. A range of gangsters like Breaking Bad who take a slightly different approach than usual.

– “Behind His Eyes” (Netflix): British series about a single mother who meets a handsome Scottish man in a bar who turns out to be married and her new boss. In this way a story of secrets, lies and dangers begins.

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