The best tools to measure social standing

One of the jobs of every community and social media manager is improve social standing Your brand. This is achieved through branded content that enhances the public’s image for the brand. With that in mind, professionals need to be able to measure this reputation for which some tools are at their disposal.

Social reputation enables digital marketers to get an idea of ​​the image users have of the brand or company they work with.

A brand’s social reputation is one of the most important metrics in a digital marketing plan. On the internet, reputation is often everything, and a loss of reputation due to a poor response to a comment or an unfortunate post can be disastrous, as has been observed in the past.

Digital marketers not only need to manage this reputation, they also need to measure it. Fortunately, they have tools to measure social standing such as:

-Brandmentions: Formerly known as “Social Mentions”, it is a free and one of the most widely used tools as it monitors mentions on 80 social platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. The tool provides information on negative comments, the percentage of mentions, the way the brand is talked about (with or without sympathy), and the overall reach of the mentions.

-SEMrush: In addition to having all of the SEO auditing features, the SEMrush tool also makes it easy to social listening to know a brand’s reputation. With that in mind, it provides information on total number of mentions, influencers mentioning the brand, estimation of traffic related by mentions, identification of sentiment, authority analysis of the mentions sources and backlinks. SEMrush is paid but offers a free trial period and free accounts with limited functionality.

-Chatmeter: Free tool for businesses that can analyze customer feedback and provide the appropriate information to improve the user experience. It includes email notifications, rating and comment information, brand visibility ratings, and tools to help you “spy on” the reputation of the competition. The WordPress widget allows you to view reviews of external platforms on the company’s website.

-Google Alerts: Google’s free tools like Google Trends or Alerts are very useful for digital marketers. If you create an alert with the name of the company, brand, or service that you want to monitor, you will receive alerts with the mentions made.

-ReviewPush: With this tool, companies with different locations can monitor their online reputation. It offers social listening options on most social networks, as well as some entertainment applications such as Yelp or Foursquare. One of the main features is that user ratings and comments can be managed and an email notification can be sent with the option of replying through the email itself.

-Hootsuite: As a tool for social media management, Hootsuite – author together with We Are Social of the Digital Report 2021 – has tools for performing “social listening”. It is possible to track keywords, hashtags and user behavior related to the brand.

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