The best tools to work online

Now that teleworking is taking off in most sectors and there are many people doing training assignments over the internet or using collaborative tools for their projects or group work, we’re going to review a number of online tools that will help you get on the internet easily work and do small daily tasks. Useful online calculators, personal translators, photo editing programs, music editing systems, or places to find royalty-free images for all of your tasks. Pay attention to this article that we will solve many of your tasks.

-Online calculator: If you need to use a calculator while working, you no longer have to look in the drawer for a physics calculator, you can use one of the many available on the internet or even the specific operating system you have installed on your computer, either PC or Mac.

But if you want to calculate other types of things in addition to addition and subtraction, just visit Software del Sols – at the link above – and there you will find a variety of things for free. Here you will find an IBAN calculator, VAT calculator, percentage calculator, loan interest calculator, compound interest …

-Personal translator: In the same way, you no longer have to go to your bookshelf and search your language dictionary for words that you cannot translate from another language. The Internet gives you several ways to use an online translator for free.

Without a doubt, you can use the Google translator, one of the most complete there is, which translates 80 languages ​​and even includes voice functions and simultaneous translation in real time and through augmented reality with your mobile camera, much more.

– Photo editing programs: You no longer need to buy an expensive software license to edit your photos. You can find numerous photo editing programs on the Internet with very professional results that will help you achieve a proper digital presence and fill your social networks with high quality content.

One of the easiest to use is the one from which has multiple editing options and allows you to cut, change backgrounds, upload images, add text … and save them so that they look great on the web . There are others like the online version of Photoshop or befunky…. or even the popular canvas app.

-Music Editing Programs: Whether you want to cut an MP3 file or download royalty-free music for your online compositions, you can also find many tools on the internet to help you with this. From MP3 converters to MP3 triggers, search all kinds of apps to find music.

-Search engines: If you need photos for your work or your personal blog, you can always fall back on one of the many free image databases that you can find on the Internet and where you can download thousands of images without having to worry about copyright. Many of them also have payment options and as a premium you get more exclusive content.

-Cloud storage: In addition, you will find numerous services on the Internet with which you can host countless files and documents in the cloud and access them from anywhere. Both Google Cloud and iCloud are two of the most popular ones, but you have a lot more to choose from.

-Password Manager: A good idea to ensure your security and privacy online is to use an online password manager so that you don’t have to keep them in your storage or write them down in a place other users can access. There are many services, such as the popular LastPass, but also other alternatives.

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