The best tricks for Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most used online advertising platforms in the world. Although it is designed for be very easy to use, even for an inexperienced person, the truth is that it is also a quite complex tool. This is because it has many options and features that only the most experienced digital marketing professionals know about.

Google Ads is a very complete tool, with many advanced options, that most users never use.

And some will not notice them either. The most normal thing is that when using Google Ads, most agencies and professionals stay on the surface. They thus forget some fundamental functions. Pay attention to these tricks to get the most out of it:

Lesser-known Google Ads tricks

Dynamic product remarketing: Google Ads has a very unknown functionality called “dynamic parameters” that requires having Google Tag Manager configured correctly. This functionality is very useful if you have an ecommerce, since it automates the work of retargeting and remarketing, focusing on customers who have seen certain products, but have not purchased. This functionality shows these customers those specific products, so it requires that the “id” tags of the products are correctly configured.

-Data exclusion: This feature allows you to exclude certain information from campaigns and is intended to account for interruptions or issues related to conversion tracking. It is not advisable to activate it for long periods of time. In fact, it should be used only if you detect sudden drops in conversions or problems with Google Ads tags. We find this function within “Advanced Controls”.

-Your vision of the data: Your data insights is an option that takes your Googel pixel data and allows you to get a complete read on your customer base. In this sense, you will be able to analyze the audiences with a high index within the market and the affinity segments with a high index. This information can help us create customer profiles that are very close to reality, which greatly benefits us when carrying out more detailed segmentation. You will find this function within “Tools/Audience Manager”.

Don’t make these mistakes in Google Ads

-Automated extensions at the account level: These are extensions (actions) that Google automatically configures and deploys at the account level. These extensions are generated based on the website and can be links or calls. In this case, it is best to deactivate them, since it is always advisable to control the message that is sent.

-Season adjustments: A common mistake is to rely on automatic bidding systems from tools like Google Ads or Meta Ads. The problem is that these algorithms cannot anticipate or understand certain external factors, for example, a sudden fashion. However, Google Ads Smart Bidding has an option called “Seasonal Adjustments” that allows the algorithm to warn of sudden changes or that certain designated dates are coming. You will find this option in “Advanced controls”, within “Bid strategies”.

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