The best tricks for Google Calendar

Google Calendar

More than just a calendar app, Google Calendar is a powerful productivity tool with which you can do things like view your work calendar, add reminders, RSVP to virtual events, share your calendar, and much more.

However, in Google Calendar it can be difficult to test and take advantage of so many features. That is why, after carrying out an exhaustive testing session, We have identified what can be considered the best tricks to take advantage of Google Calendar.

Tips to get more out of Google Calendar

– Integrate Calendar with other apps: Whether you use Google Calendar for work or personal purposes, its ability to integrate with other tools like Slack or Google Tasks can greatly simplify the use of each. For example, you can use Tasks to schedule tasks and receive reminders through Calendar and email.

– Schedule an event with your voice: It’s a very useful trick when you need to add a new event to your calendar and you can’t use your hands at the time. You can do this using the Google Assistant. All you have to do is say “Hey Google, create a calendar event: meeting at work at 9:00 a.m.”

– Toggle with another time zone: If you work with people in other countries and find it tedious to calculate the time difference, Google Calendar has an ideal function for you. You simply have to go to settings, press “General” and then tap “Time zone”. Finally, check “Show secondary time zone”. You can also add tags for greater organization.

– Enable a shortcut to an event: It will help you skip the different steps you must complete to generate a new event. To go directly to the event window, just type “” in your browser’s address bar and press Enter. Another way is to use Google Calendar shortcuts.

– Automatically reject meetings: Google Calendar can not only be used to schedule meetings, but also to skip them when, for example, you are out of work hours or on vacation. This function is activated by simply programming a work schedule. With this same functionality you can configure an automatic message to leave instructions.

– Set another start day of the week: It can be very useful if your work lifestyle requires that your first day of the week is not Monday. To set a different start of the week, you have to go to “Settings”, select “General” and then slide to the “View options” tab. Next, check the box for the day you want in the “Start week on” section.

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