The best tricks for Google Play Store

Google Play Store Cheats

These cheats for Google Play Store will be very useful to make the most of your experience in a vast ecosystem that is much more than just an app store.

Enable dark mode, parental controls or download apps that are not available in your country.

Google Play Store, with more than 2 million mobile applications available for download, is a virtual space that has a wide variety of options, settings and tools that are not visible to the naked eye. Here’s how to access some of them.

Tips to get the most out of Google Play Store

– Update Google Play Store manually: There are certain regions where Google Play Store updates take a little longer to arrive. You can fix this by going to settings, drop down the options in the “Information” section and then click on “Update Google Play Store”.

– Search by developer: is a simple trick that can save you a lot of time if you are looking for an app offered by a specific developer. Just enter this combination in the search bar: pub: (name of the developer). Example: pub: Gameloft.

– Enables dark mode: Google Play Store has its own dark mode to take care of your eyesight. To activate it you must go to settings, choose “Theme” and then press the “Dark” option.

– Install apps from your computer on your mobile: open Play Store from your PC with the account you use on your mobile and download the application you need to install. By doing so you will be able to choose the device to which you want to send the download, in this case, your smartphone.

– Enable fingerprint authentication: is a great option to make your payments securely without passwords with Google Pay. Go to settings, then “Authentication” and turn on the “Biometric authentication” switch.

More must-have tricks for Google Play Store

– Set parental controls: with this function you can restrict content by age. Access the settings menu, now click “Parental Controls”, then “Enable Parental Controls” and set a security PIN.

– Independent developers tab: sometimes the best games and apps are not only made by the biggest studios or developers of famous companies. You might get a big surprise with all the renowned apps in the indie catalog.

– Install apps not available in your country: for this you will need a VPN with which you can connect to an IP in the country where the app you want to install is available. Now you just need to delete all the Google Play Store data from the settings menu of your device and force it to close.

– Shortcut to the updates page: to enter the Play Store updates section directly, just press and hold the store icon on your home screen and tap the “My Apps” option.

– Change your account: press the user icon and then the down arrow in the drop-down menu and enter another of the Google accounts you have enabled.

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