The best tricks for Google TV

Tricks for Google TV

Google TV, the novel Android TV customization layer, has a wide variety of features. Therefore, knowing the best tricks for Google TV is indispensable when it comes to getting the most out of your smart TV.

Google TV’s photo frame mode is used to turn your smart TV into a decorative picture for your living room.

Just like installing the best apps for Google TV, the tricks for Google TV will allow you to get a complete experience. Either to enjoy your favorite content or when setting up your smart TV. Keep an eye on them:

Tips to get the most out of Google TV

– Apps-only mode: One of the main features of Google TV is its rich recommendation lists of movies, series and TV shows. However, many users are only interested in discovering apps similar to the ones they already use. To avoid browsing through the huge number of recommendations, simply enable the similar apps only mode.

– Control your TV with your mobile: the remote control is one of the accessories of your TV most prone to malfunction or get lost. Without the remote it is quite complicated to use your Google TV. For such cases there is the option to control the smart TV with your phone, which you can manage from the Google TV mobile app.

– Create a profile for each family member: Similar to various streaming services such as Netflix or Disney Plus, Google TV has a feature to create multiple profiles. These profiles will store each user’s viewing preferences, such as watchlists.

– Control your smart home from your TV: undoubtedly one of the most practical features of Google TV. Thanks to its compatibility with the Google Assistant, your TV can serve as a Nest speaker to control smart home devices such as cameras, robot vacuum cleaners, thermostats, lamps, etc.

– Install apps from your mobile: you can search for and install the apps you want to have on your smart TV directly from your smartphone. Simply go to the Google Play Store, open the app page and choose your TV from the list of available devices.

– Transfer files to Google TV: smart TVs are focused on consuming content via streaming. However, it is always important to be able to save video files on your TV. With the Send Files to TV app you can transfer videos from the mobile to the TV, as well as APK files to install applications that are not available in the Play Store.

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