The best URL shorteners

Best URL shorteners on the Internet

The best URL shorteners are tools on the Internet that serve to decrease the length of a link to a web page.

Improve the security and privacy of your links with these excellent URL shorteners.

Employing the best URL shorteners helps you facilitate the dissemination of content on the Internet with links that are easier to write and remember, optimize SEO and even measure traffic and link performance. In short, they are a great resource, for example, to implement in your sales posts on social networks.

Some platforms, such as Twitter or YouTube, already employ their own shorteners. However, you may want to use other independent ones. So here are some of the most prominent ones.

Top featured URL shorteners

– Zapier URL Shortener: is one of the most effective shorteners on the market. Its main clients include Meta, Asana or Dropbox, which speaks of its excellence. In addition, one of its best features is that it allows you to generate shorter links automatically by simply copying and pasting them.

Websites to cut URLs

– Rebrandly: powerful tool that stands out for its ability to create short links with custom domains. This means you can use your own brand name or that of your project to generate more attractive and memorable links for your audience. Rebrandly also offers a control panel where you can access all the statistics of your URLs.

Program to shorten URLs

– besides being effective, is a shortener that includes novel features. For example, this incredible tool allows you to monetize the links you share, since for each click the program pays a small amount of money. For that reason, since its inception quickly became a great choice for bloggers.

Websites to cut links

– Bitly: definitely, one of the most popular and recognized URL shorteners in the world. It has a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to generate and customize short links with just a few clicks. Bitly also offers a wide variety of analysis tools that will provide you with data such as traffic sources or bounce rate.

URL shortening software

– TinyURL: sThe way it works is very simple, just enter the URL you want to simplify and get a short link that redirects to the same destination. TinyURL does not require registration nor does it offer options to customize or analyze links. However, it does have some advantages such as speed, reliability and compatibility with any browser.

Apps to shorten a link

– being owned by Hootsuite, to use you will need to have an account on that social media management platform. In general, provides very similar options to the average. However, its automatic link creation feature (like Zapier’s link shortener) makes this tool one of the most recommended.

Link shorteners

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