The best video game consoles [2023]

Best game consoles of 2023 to buy

If you like to play video games, purchasing one of the best video game consoles on the market is essential to enjoy the newest and most exclusive releases.

The Xbox Series X and PS5 are the most powerful consoles of this generation.

There are currently different titles and, depending on the console you choose, you will also be able to access some games or others. For example, if you like to play Super Mario, you will have to get a Nintendo game console, because their titles are only available for this platform.

The same goes for other mythical games, although in most cases the most popular titles – such as the best soccer games – are already available for all types of consoles. Be that as it may, these gadgets can become one of the best gifts for technology lovers. Currently, these are the newest ones on the market:

The best video game consoles

– Nintendo Switch OLED: is the upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017. One of the advances presented by this powerful hybrid console is its OLED screen and a storage capacity amounting to 64 GB.

Nintendo Switch OLED is the best portable console

– Steam Deck: a great alternative for PC users who also enjoy their favorite games away from the desktop and a gaming chair. The Steam Deck stands out for its excellent performance, 7-inch screen, 16 GB RAM memory and extensive catalog of titles.

Steam Deck is a powerful laptop

– Xbox Series S: despite being limited to 2K resolution and not the 4K of the latest generation consoles, the Xbox Series S is still a fantastic buy. Mainly because of its affordable price and the fact that you can still play the same titles that are available on the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series S is an affordable console

– PlayStation 5: some of its best features are its power, 4K resolution, support for 120 Hz screens and its DualSense controller, whose design is definitely the best of this generation. In addition, as usual in the famous Sony console, the exclusive games section is simply formidable.

PlayStation 5 is the ship of Sony

– Xbox Series X: Although for very little, the Xbox Series X is the most powerful home console available today. In addition, the X Series can be found at a more affordable price than its biggest rival, the PS5. With this Xbox you can enjoy incredible features such as 4k and 60 fps gaming, support for hi-fi displays, etc. In addition to exclusive games like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5.

Xbox Series X is Microsoft's most powerful console.

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