The best virtual reality VR glasses [2024]

They can currently be found on the market a wide variety of VR glasses that allow you to enjoy multimedia content and play video games. Some even have their own subscription services to access all types of services, as is the case with Meta Quest+.

However, although there are multiple offers on these products, the truth is that not all VR glasses are efficient because some do not have the necessary power to offer a good user experience. For this reason, here you will find a list of the best virtual reality glasses that can be purchased today.

The best VR glasses on the market

There are several interesting devices that can offer you a new world of possibilities to watch series, movies and also play games. These are the most competitive models:

HTC Vive Pro 2 VR Headset

They stand out in the market because they are capable of reaching a resolution of 2448 x 2448 pixels, also known as 5K. This means that the glasses can play content in 4K resolution, the same goes for video games, ensuring that you won't have to deal with pixelated or blurry images.

Likewise, the screen has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, allowing images to be reproduced extremely fluidly, free of slowdowns. Logically, in order to exploit the potential of these glasses, you will need a powerful computer, capable of running games and content in 2K resolution. The price of the lenses is 800 euros.

HTC VR GlassesHTC VR Glasses

Meta Quest 3

The main novelty of the Meta Quest 3 glasses is that they are completely wireless, you will not have to connect any cables to the computer to use them, which means unprecedented convenience. The device is made to watch movies, series, play games and, as its name suggests, be part of Meta's virtual reality platform.

It should be noted that the device incorporates 3D surround audio, which significantly improves the immersion of the games and the content you are going to consume. On the other hand, they are compatible with the Quest VR system, which has an immense library of video games made specifically for virtual reality. The price of Meta Quest 3 starts at 500 euros.


Valve Index

They are the most complete VR glasses on the market, because they have independent tracking for each finger of the hand, which allows a more credible and immersive experience in video games. The glasses have a viewing angle of 130 degrees and the audio is immersive, offering a 3D listening experience.

Another quality is that the glasses are compatible with Steam (the computer games store), which means that the library of video games available for the glasses is massive, it is above what the competition offers. However, it is an expensive product that costs 1000 euros.

Valve glassesValve glasses

Meta Quest 2

It is the previous version of the Meta Quest 3, but it is still a feasible option because they are wireless, although cables can also be used. Additionally, they can be connected to any computer to run all the virtual reality video games that are enabled on Quest VR.

On the other hand, Meta Quest 2 is a light and resistant product, you can easily transport the lenses in any bag, since they take up little space. Likewise, they do not require any additional hardware to run games. Finally, they have an excellent quality-price ratio, since the cost is 300 euros.

Lenses made by MetaLenses made by Meta

Sony PlayStation VR2

Currently, they are the best VR glasses for consoles on the market, they are very easy to configure, you just have to turn them on for them to pair with the PlayStation 5. The wired connection is simple, since it is a single cable that connects directly to the console.

As for the screen, it is an OLED panel with 4K resolution, which guarantees that the games will look sharp and with great color reproduction, there will be no problems with pixelated images. It's also worth noting that they incorporate positional 3D audio made for video games. Its price is 550 euros.

Sony lensesSony lenses

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