The best websites for downloading APK files

Websites with APK files

It is normal that an app you want to install is not available on Google Play Store, in a case like this, the best option is to download and install an APK file on your mobile. For this reason it is important that you know what are the best websites to download an APK, so you will be sure that you will not download any annoying malware that endangers your mobile.

If you need to download an APK file, there are several sites that offer you a top-notch risk-free service.

Many websites specialize in having a huge library of. APK files of thousands of applications. Here we will tell you which are the best portals, those that have what you are looking for and have excellent support for you to download without complications.

– APKMirror: for many is the best site for downloading APK files, suffice it to say that the website is under the command of the owners of the Android Police site. The staff does a professional job, they verify the APKs before publishing them, match the cryptographic signatures of the apps to avoid fakes and also compare the apps with other apps to verify their legitimacy. You will not find modified or hacked APKs here.

APK files in 2023

– APK Downloader: a simple portal that does its job perfectly. All APKs stored on the platform are pulled directly from the Google Play Store to provide the highest possible security and protection. Almost all Play Store apps are available, so it’s a useful option to consider.

APK file websites

– APKPure: another website that shines for its security. To ensure that the APK is trusted, they apply the SHA1 protocol. The cryptographic signature of the applications has to match the versions released in the past. On APKPure you will find only legitimate and legal files. It also exposes APK descriptions, screenshots and general data that are interesting.

Portals with APK files

– Aptoide: a trusted source for downloading APK files. It has a community of 200 million users and has more than six billion downloads in its history. It is very easy to use and download apps directly to your mobile, you won’t go through any other annoying protocol.

Pages to download apps

– APKMonk: ideal for mobile game lovers because it is completely focused on mobile games. There you will find any title and the video games that are in fashion will be placed on the main screen for you to find them quickly. In addition, the page has its own malware control so that the download is done safely.

Portals with applications

– APKBe: is perfect for downloading apps in other languages that are not available on Google Play Store. You will find multiple languages such as German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Although it should be noted that the site does not allow you to check the legitimacy of the apps, so you should be careful.

Websites with apps

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