The Blue Dragon of Portugal

The Blue Dragon of Portugal is an ancient legend originating from the city of Porto in northern Portugal. It dates back over two thousand years, becoming a popular topic to discuss among locals and travellers alike. The blue dragon of Portugal is said to be a symbol of the city’s long history and deep connection to the Atlantic Ocean. It is reported to be a magnificent creature with wings and a scaly tail and body, draped in a cloak of blue flames.

Portugal’s Odeleite River is in the news. An international space station showed a photograph, commenting that there is a blue dragon in Portugal. It is an image of the river that seen from above appears to be a blue dragon. Also the English photographer Steve Richards, captured images in a flight that he made through the territory crossed by the river. In his photographs he documents the most similar to the mythological animal and a beautiful blue color.

Odeleite River of Portugal
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A naturally beautiful river

The Odeleite River is one of Portugal’s most beautiful natural treasures. This river meanders through the rugged landscape of the Algarve and is a delight for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

It is located in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. It originates in Spain and flows southward for about 80 kilometers before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. It flows through several municipalities, including Castro Marim and Alcoutim. Along its course, the river carved deep gorges and canyons in the rock, creating a spectacular and rugged landscape.

One of its most popular attractions is its crystal clear and clean water. The water quality is exceptionally good and was awarded the “Blue Flag” distinction in recognition of its cleanliness and safety. It is perfect for swimming, fishing and canoeing.

The story goes that in the old days it was already well known.

In addition to being in the news for resembling a blue dragon, its surroundings have great natural beauty, and a rich history and culture associated with it. It was an important center of human activity for thousands of years and inhabited by various cultures over the centuries. Archaeological remains suggest that the ancient Romans and Phoenicians lived in the region.

the river that looks like a blue dragon
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It was also home to fishing and farming communities for centuries. Many villages and towns near the river have a rich cultural and architectural history. One of the most interesting sites is the Alcoutim Castle, which is located right on the river bank. It was built in the 13th century and is an excellent example of Portuguese medieval architecture.

It is also famous for its rich biodiversity. Its surroundings are home to a great variety of plants and animals. Rare and endangered species, such as the Mediterranean turtle and the Iberian imperial eagle, are found in its basin. It is also a valuable migratory corridor for birds and a favorable site for bird watching.

This being so, they now also mention its name because of a particular photograph that shows it as a meandering blue dragon.

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