The border collie, the surprising and intelligent dog that makes a great companion

Originally from the British Isles, specifically between the border between England and Scotland, the characteristics of the Border Collie breed are worth noting. We’re not talking about just any dog, we’re talking about an extremely intelligent animal and that was traditionally intended for herding, a task it can do like no other. But those who choose to have this loyal companion as a friend need to know that they will have it forever.

Border collie

The border collie is a dog with a innate gifts for workwhat he likes to do. Because of this, it was the most popular breed of British Shepherds in the 20th century. Currently, this task is already done, although the border collie is still the favorite for her. Having this breed as an option is always highly recommended as it is an incredibly intelligent animal. In fact, it is the dog breed with the highest scores on intelligence tests.

Anatomically speaking, it’s a medium-sized dog whose coat sheds quite a lot. When choosing one, you need to consider this aspect and take the necessary care to keep it tangle free and very clean. The Their hair color varies from brown to blackIn general, even if they get some bluish hues, they will have two colors at the same time in the same animal. Aesthetically, it is a dog with an elegant and majestic posture, although it is not a very important size.

The Border Collie is such a loyal and friendly dog ​​that it is very suitable as a companion for the elderly or in a home with children. They have the virtue of first obeying orders so they can be as helpful as we want them to be. Anyone who chooses this breed of dog knows that they will have loyal company for years to come. The border collie can live up to 17 years old and it will always give us vital support. Well cared for, they are animals that behave excellently.

Anyone looking for an intelligent, helpful and unproblematic dog will find all these virtues in the Border Collie. They’ll just need the same from us Affection, attention, a balanced diet, and plenty of exerciseSince their genes were impregnated, the long sessions in the countryside in England took care of the flocks of sheep.

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