The “bundled Après ski” revolutionize the snow season in Formigal

You may have already gone on a trip to the mountains, to the snow or perhaps you are considering it. You may also have never been encouraged to go because you don't know how to ski and you don't want to make a fool of yourself, but for whatever reason in this post we are going to give you several reasons to cheer you up and decide to go. Why a new activity has been born social that we are sure you will love.

Apart from slide through the snow and enjoy nature in its purest form there is something else.

Yes! We talk about the famous après ski de formigal, a French term that means "after skiing". A new project that wants to join the winter season through many actions in fun that now we will tell you in more detail.

What are aprés ski bundles?

For those who do not know what it is about, it is a set of social activities that take place in the ski resort after the sports day or when you are tired. It is a new leisure activity that has conquered all the Spanish who have experienced it.

This is why we want your next trip to the snow go prepared and you know very well what you are going to find.

We all like to enjoy life. With the word "enjoy" we mean to mix between people, drink, eat, talk, laugh, joke even if it tends, flirt. We like to enjoy the cold sitting in front of the fireplace having good times with ours. Y all this is possible on trips to the snow.

The pioneer in these "Liadas après ski" is Ron Barceló which has given the name “San Ronardo” to this new modality that has revolutionized the snow season lfull of surprises, unique moments, lots of fun and live music.

Saint Ronardo is the patron saint of the «Liadas Apreski» and is neither more nor less than a Saint Bernard dog who when he appears the party starts in the snow. It is really the true protagonist of this new fun plan.

In Spain they are almost 6 million fans of winter sports and we have 700 kilometers of ski slopesFor this reason, the leisure offer in the ski resorts has grown considerably in recent years.

For this very reason the objective of these "bundles" is to seek and reinforce fun for the young people of our country and what better than to take off your boots and enjoy a good party after an intense day of snow or ski?

But to make sure 4 unforgettable days in the snow we must also have accommodation that suits the occasion such as hotels or campsites near formigal.

Having a good accommodation makes us more comfortable wherever we are, and we have the security of being able to get to our vacation home and be able to rest well to continue enjoying the next day of our new sports and leisure day.

With the après ski bundles, even if you don't know how to ski, you will want to go alone to enjoy a different party that we are used to. This is an opportunity, perhaps, to begin to love the snow beyond what we had already been told. Once you have tried it sure you will love it And it will be you who organize the trips to the snow in which one of these parties cannot miss.

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