The city of Venice will charge admission to tourists

Venice is one of the cities in the world that receives the most visitors every year. Although, precisely, mass tourism became a real problem for the city. Currently, the city of Venice has 50 thousand permanent residents. However, it receives about 30 million tourists a year, of which two thirds only visit for a single day.


Venice will charge an entrance fee to enter the city

Between the months of May and November, the city of Venice is always crowded with people, especially St. Mark’s Square, where there is practically no place to walk. For this reason, the municipal authorities made a somewhat controversial decision, to charge a fee of five euros to tourists visiting the city. It is the first city in the world to make such a decision.

However, this widely debated measure is justified for fundamental reasons. Excess tourism has generated an unsustainable situation in the lives of local inhabitants. Likewise, visitors themselves are also disadvantaged, since they cannot experience the city in its fullness. Another problem is that it is very difficult for residents to find affordable housing. The owners prefer to reserve them for a temporary rental which is more profitable for them.

Tourism causes other problems for the city

Venice’s problems don’t end there. The excess of tourists caused more and more boats to circulate through the city. The waves caused by these boats are eroding the foundations of the buildings that, as is known, are built on water channels. They are centuries-old buildings and it is very difficult to keep them standing if a change is not made to eliminate the problem.

In August 2023, UNESCO decided to include the city of Venice on the list of sites that are considered World Heritage. However, this decision is at risk due to insufficient efforts made for its conservation.

Venice canals

Collect 5 as entry fee

The municipality of Venice decided to carry out the proposal to charge a fee of 5 euros to visit the city. Funds that would be used for the maintenance of the city. In 2019, Italy’s government approved the idea, classifying the fee as a “contributory rate” for those visiting the city for a single day. The goal is for many tourists to rethink their trip. The idea arose, taking as an example some small nearby islands that charge a landing fee, such as Ponza.

But, that idea was shelved due to the covid-19 pandemic. Although, with the return to normality and the warning from UNESCO, it gained new momentum. It will become effective in early spring 2024 on a trial basis.

They intend for the measure to be permanent, especially on the dates when the increase in tourism occurs.

The rate will be charged using a QR code, after registration on each tourist’s website. Officials will randomly control tourists using the aforementioned QR code.

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