The coast of Turkey is being damaged by sea slime

The Turkish coast on the Sea of ​​Marmara suffers from a devastating problem with the presence of sea slime. It is a viscous and thick substance with a slimy essence called sea slime. It is very harmful to the ecosystem and the fishing industry.

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What is the sea slime that is spreading off the coast of Turkey?

This type of green mud that floats over the water of the sea is a result of algae overloaded with nutrients from heat and pollution. This sea slime has been formed in increasing quantities in the Marmara Sea and the Aegean Sea since 2007. Because of this, the propellers of the fishing boats no longer work and cannot cast their nets, causing the Turkish fishermen to lose their livelihood.

Experts believe that the formation of sea slime is due to climate change and marine pollution. Since it was present on the Turkish coasts, this will be the most important in history in 2021. Given that the Sea of ​​Marmara is the link between the Aegean and Black Seas, the presence of sea slime is serious.

The problem is getting worse as it spreads more and more

The problem is exacerbated as part of the marine fauna suffocates from this cause. It is a catastrophe for fisheries, with species such as mussels, oysters and starfish dying from a lack of light and oxygen. This was reported to the authorities by the divers who inspected the area.

According to the Turkish marine research authority, enormous investments should be made in the treatment and purification of the wastewater from Istanbul. The problem has already reached the presidential areas of Turkey, where the president himself promised to solve the problem.

Sea slime off the coast of Turkey
Small fishing boats cannot navigate due to “sea slime” – BBC News
We must prevent the problem from reaching the Black Sea

The government has hired and dispatched a team of 300 experts to investigate the sources of the contamination. Wastewater without any treatment is one such potential source. The problem is bigger for the Turkish government because it has to prevent the sea slime from spreading across the Black Sea. The Black Sea is very important to shipping and if it expanded the economic disaster would be enormous.

The Black Sea is located in southeastern Europe and is the maritime nexus for six countries: Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania and Bulgaria. In addition, many of the region’s rivers converge and could be damaged.

The problem is even more acute because the Black Sea is also the landfill for industrial and agricultural waste for the countries of Southeast Europe. Odessa, the Ukrainian coastal city, banned residents and tourists from bathing on its shores this year due to pollution.

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