The Covid archive is a time capsule for those to come

The current pandemic leaves thousands of events unheard of before. Urban landscapes with empty streets, the death of friends and family without being able to fire them or the use of masks. A deep stillness and pain penetrates the heart. The Covid file is a reminder of everything that happened during the pandemic.

Incredible documents in the Covid archive

The Covid archive is a joint effort by many professionals

Thanks to the initiative of many journalists who documented everything, the Covid archive was created. Like all health care workers, journalists and photographers never rest and document the pandemic for future generations.

Covid Archive is a photo archive with more than 8,500 photos, 256 reports on Covid 19 and its consequences, and 38 videos. In this file you can see the tremendous work that the medical staff and their entire environment have done. Long hours without a break that leave indelible marks in your memories. Images of death as the main character. Protests because you can’t go out, empty tourist attractions or endless shops are closed. With the associated economic consequences.

amazing pictures in the Covid archive

The University of Alcalá will be the custodian and custodian of all journalistic material constituted in Spain as a time capsule. A file in which documents from more than 380 collaborated professionals have been collected. United and with no other interest than showing what happened in Spain during the pandemic.

Future generations will be able to relive the events of the Covid-19 pandemic

Although it may seem very distant in time, the world came to a standstill on March 14, 2020, a little over a year ago. A situation like never before. In this way, journalists captured unrepeatable documents.

Images about a silent war, without an enemy, that can be made visible and that has already left more than 4 million victims in the world. Every picture shows feelings and emotions that cannot otherwise be reproduced.

Covid file reflects severe pandemic

For this reason, the Covid archive is much more than a photo and video archive, it should be able to access the deep pain that the crisis has left. With due respect, but with the rigor that we, who above all demand the truth, deserve.

This file faithfully and specifically shows what happened during the year and months that we spent in a pandemic. More than justifying the right to information. It is freely accessible and can be used by educators of all levels for academic teaching.

However, every author has protected rights to his work. Because of this, the images cannot be downloaded. However, each photo contains the data of its author so that users can contact them to purchase the rights of professional use.

Archivo Covid became a reality thanks to the idea of ​​the journalist Santi Palacios. Publicly displays all materials collected by him and his colleagues. Only a small fraction of the material that professionals gathered during the pandemic has been seen by the public. To see the rest, the Covid archive is the necessary tool to document a situation that has never been experienced before and that we all hope will not repeat itself.

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