The craziest and most eccentric monarchs in history

When people choose their rulers, they demand fairness, integrity, but above all reason. However, the records in history state that it was not. Emperors, kings, queens, tsars or pharaohs received their positions from their parents without any requirement other than their appointment. Some monarchs in history have been very rare. Because of a problem in the brain? A disease? or they just had strange attitudes.

Monarchs of history
Most monarchs in history were unprepared to rule

In fact, many of these monarchs were made kings on the day they were born or when they were children. Puyi, Emperor of China, was called Elizabeth Elizabeth of Spain when she was two years old, she was ordained Queen when she was only three years old, and these are just a few examples.

The real problem arose because these monarchs in history had no preparation for rule and many of them also suffered from mental illness. Some were just rude. But others were very cruel to their subjects and those around them.

Special stories about some crazy things
George III of England

George III was King of England from 1760 to 1820. The king suffered from a disease called porphyria. It is a condition that attacks the nervous system. It also causes irreparable neurological damage and power outages. He spent the last few years of his reign behind bars in a straitjacket and his wife and son had to take over their duties as monarchs.

Follies of the monarchs of history
King George III of England
Charles VI From France

Charles VI Was King of France between 1380 and 1422 and was a boy of only 11 at the beginning of his reign. His uncles were the rulers until his adoption in 1388. However, in 1392 he started having convulsions and a very high fever. The attacks affected his brain. His madness had periods of up to nine months. Then he went through periods when he was healthy. These attacks lasted the rest of his life.

Caligula of Rome

Caligula was a Roman emperor, perhaps the cruelest, most extravagant, depraved, and ruthless in history. His real name was Gaius Caesar, and he ruled Rome from 37 to 41 AD. After taking office, he became seriously ill, but when he got better he became a cruel despot who arbitrarily ordered people to be killed.

He showed an excessive love for his sisters, who are said to have been sexually assaulted more than once. His weakness and fixation for Drusilla is known, from whom he wanted a pure-blood heir. The story goes that he called his horse Consul of Rome, although it is supposedly wrong.

Jeanne d’Castile

Juana de Castilla was the daughter of the Catholic kings and had an excellent education. But her parents married Philip the Fair, an Austrian Archduke. Heir to the throne of Castilla y León and Aragon. They didn’t let her rule for the simple fact of being a woman.

different monarchs in history
By Juana I Castilla – own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Felipe was unfaithful to her many times and Juana became jealous because she was very much in love with him. In 1506, Felipe died of typhoid at the age of only 28 and Juana did not allow his body to be buried. For months she toured Spain with her husband’s body in tow. Juana was pregnant at the time and when she gave birth to her daughter she was imprisoned into old age.

The cases mentioned are just a few of the many cases. What will be the point of agreement between everyone? Perhaps access to power brings the person to high levels of insanity.

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