The cryptocurrencies that grew the most in 2021 [Vídeo]

This year has been particularly turbulent for everyone … although there is one sector that has not only escaped the consequences of the pandemic, but is in better health than ever before: cryptocurrencies. 2021 was the year dozens of cryptos hit new all-time highs in their prices, from the most famous like Bitcoin and Ethereum. the ones nobody bet onlike Dogecoin. We tell you which ones have grown the most in this video:

The luck of the crypto was particularly great with newly created coins. Names like Cake, Bake, Shiba, SafeMoon and a very long time etc. don’t have the fame and presence of Bitcoin and Company (at the moment), but still The price has gone up hundreds of times.

What do the most grown cryptocurrencies have in common? In addition to their short lifespan (with the exception of Doge), this one connects cryptos his strong commitment to decentralization. If crypto is generally based on decentralization, the new stack of digital currencies will go on.

The currencies that have grown the most are associated with DeFI (decentralized finance) projects such as decentralized exchange. That is, those exchanges that no longer depend than on their own users. This is the case with cakes, baking or Safemoon.

This is more than an obvious indication where the world of cryptocurrencies has advanced from and what type of projects (or white papers) to look for when finding a currency to invest in.

In today’s video, we’re not showing all of the cryptocurrencies that have grown the most. For example, Shiba or Safemoon have grown more than some of the listed ones, but we preferred to stick with those cryptos whose journey to the moon has been non-stop since January.

Remember that while these enormous prices can be very attractive, you always need to think very carefully about them and Do a thorough research before investing any money in cryptocurrencies.

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