The dangers of screen light

Can you imagine a world without screens? During this time no. They are already known to cause addiction, insomnia problems … but there is more. The dangers of screen light are also diverse. There would even be irreversible effects. Would you like to know something about them? Yes of course you do.

The dangers of screen light are manifold. Get to know you.
The dangers of screen light are manifold. Get to know you.

The blue light that smart devices emit while in use is the shortest wave in the spectrum. Therefore it has a greater energy and intensity of dispersion. With regular exposure to this light, the effects on eyesight can be irreversible. They also cause pigmentation and even insomnia, according to ophthalmologist Arpine Adamián.

‘The blue light emitted by the devices is known as HEV radiation. It has a number of drawbacks that negatively affect the body. Blue light has a bad effect on the retina and leads to photochemical reactions. It can destroy the photoreceptors and pigment cells of the retinal epithelium, ”the ophthalmologist explained. In your opinion, these processes are irreversible.

In an interview with the Prime agency, Adamián pointed out that prolonged use of smart devices can develop dry eye syndrome. Or the dystrophy of the central area of ​​the retina, rapid eye fatigue and decreased visual acuity.

We live in a time when screens and our eyes seem inseparable.
We live in a time when screens and our eyes seem inseparable.
Taking a break

He added that HEV radiation causes premature aging and pigmentation of the skin. In addition, this artificial light also reduces the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. The result? Insomnia.

According to the specialist, the optimal time to use intelligent devices is during the day. We take into account that throughout the day it is necessary to distract at least a few minutes from the monitor every hour. To avoid future insomnia problems, stop using any smart device 2 or 3 hours before bedtime.

Get up, go, look away. Let your body and eyes relax. Try not to use devices at night so as not to disrupt the body’s biological rhythm. Cut your time on social networks, “he concluded. The dangers of screen light are there. But you can turn the screen off … even for a moment. Like this one, for example.

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